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The Grand Admiral

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Name: Daniel. you can call me what you want



my new pic

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InterpreterAdventurerTravelling bard

I am around 5ft 6 brown hair. I have musuclar body and a four pack of abs. I have Emerald green eyes. To some people I'm very good looking to other's I'm not. I'm not sure so it's your opinion not mine. For the people who like me may they live long. For those who don't let me know them by thier limp.
Welcome to my house *soft music playing a dog sleeping next to the fire place* I hope you enjoy your stay. If there is anything I can get you such as Tea or short bread or place to stay for awhile or to just talk let me know. Or if there is any other thing I could get you le me know.

I enjoy celtic music. (irish folk music)
favortie song is
Good riddance(i hope you had the time of your life.)

School is boring but can be fun. rather annoying if you aske me.
Some of you will agree with me other won't.

My name is Daniel Joseph Wooden I'm into wrestling . For those who are wondering Kunn-lan means I accidently spelled it wrong for runescape. It's supposed to be Kuun-lan it from the stratgey game Homewrold Cataclysm. The Kuun-lan was a mining ship. it was also on the planet Kharak a temple which meant Purfying Flame.

Let me tell you about myself so bear with me plaese. I'm not tall, i have brownish blonde hair. according some people I have wonderful manners and I'm very polite. I was born without an esophagus so if you ever talk to me in perosn i sound a little different. Due to all that I have health problems and I suffer from major depression disorder (however i kinda beat that). I enjoy reading, doing martial arts with by brother horse riding, writing and tickling (tickling fetish sorry :-) ) for some odd reason I love role playing. my facvorite fantasy race is elves and half elves (shh I"ma half elf don't tell anybody)
well have fun visting my house. if theres anything you want to know just ask :) by the way i love randow talking and chatter.

There are several things that make me differnet from the average guy. One no offense to most guys but I'm alot smarter and much more sophisticated. Also I am no perve, I barely cuss.
Another thing which is odd about me is I do not like boobs. I do not know why most guys are attracted to them. (No I assure you I"m not gay) For some crazy odd reason I like feet. I'm not afraid to admit. There are many brightsides about this one them is you never have to worry about me staring at your chest (now me looking at your feet thats a different) If you think this odd or really wierd thats fine and a bit expected.
If you have any questions about me just ask :-)

I <3 -The Real Tia- :)

Age: 24Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 6Day of birth: 21

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 39°10.356'N 101°31.092'W

Place of living: USA-Missouri

Town: don't know do you?

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: Yes

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Computer interests
action gamesgraphicsmaths and engineering
musicPythonstrategy games

classicalcountryfolk music
heavy metalnew ageprogressive metal

Other interests
beerboard gamescard games
chasing the preferred sexchesscooking
poetryreligionrole playing

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: muscular

Height: 168

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