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Sideways (I’m too nice for my own good.)

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2007 seems like it was a lifetime ago. For me, it was at least two.

T’was like a bit of cord pulled taught, built tension in the line like that.
They say a man can snap under that kind of pressure, but it weren’t true like that.
See the word “snap” got a finality to it, like a man is dead once he snaps
It’s more like a man bends like a piece uh’ metal
You c’n bend him back, make him stand back up straight again.

But he’s warped from then on, got a twist in the steel
And steel can snap fer good too, I know that well as anybody else.
But it turns out you can bend a man many a time until he’s braided bad
You c’n do it to a boy too. Th’ results is worse then, usually
And that resultin’ man could be twisted even more, even better

The strong ones then usually start bending the world around them then
Sharing that bad twist like a disease
Like the science shows say gravity bends the light, “lensing” it they say.
And seeing through that lens no other way, cept to stay pulled taught

It’s facts like that the men know, in their hearts, even if they was stupid
And its facts like that what turn men very quiet. And they choose their words
And good men fear that twist and they don’t speak it’s name
For it’s the darkness what turns evil unto our world.

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