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blaze333 (put some of my new photography up)

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Name: Daniel Benish

its been awhile since i used this site i am now a nature , wildlife ,and landscape photographer Ive improved allot since i was last on hear check it out.

i love this pictures theirs so much going on theirs a crazy sunset in the background a tangled mess of branches in front and a huge lizard in a tree.

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Hello my name is dan im 27 and used to use this site when I was younger and over the last couple years ive gotten into photography and fell in love with it and I thought this would be a good place to show it off and possibly get some criticism I know im not the best bit I strive and am hungry to get better so feel free to be honest and let me know what you think about my work. And as for a little about me I love music u will rarely find me without it as for what kind I could go on all day mostly rock, metal, punk rock, hardcore, but I also like ska , skacore, industrial, some older rap I could name off bands all day as for movies mostly horror , action , or comedy , I like skateboarding, comics , night time , traveling , fishing ext.ext.ext. If u would like to know more feel free to Wright me

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