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H-o (Dear Maria; ♥)

Member #6014 created: 2003-03-21 22:07:58Simple URL:   

Name: H.R.&herson


Photography class :)


sexah lady.

Elftown titles and orders
Town DrunkBeggarStreet child
Travelling bard


H to the E to the L-L-O

pictures of h-o
we <3 our h-omy fan club <3my fans :)
sherrys coolfriggin' love my sex pot
mindless_self_indulgence msi=love

98% of teenagers have consumed alcohol, smoked or have had sex. Post this in your house if you like bagels

I loves me some Becca♥
Scott is handsome :)

and i'm taking all your memories off the shelf
and i don't need you or anybody else
so take a look at me
see what you want to see
when you get home

take me home
i'd rather die than be with you
take me home
you have a problem with the truth
take me home
because this happens every time
i knew it would...
"If You Wanted a Song Written About you All you Had to do Was Ask" MayDay Parade

Cursed by my imagination,
teaming with echoes of situations.
I do not feel well, pressed beneath this spell.
Polishing my social skills,
with one more drink, and two more pills.
I do not feel good, I thought by now I would.

"Battles" The Spill Canvas

You say you'll change the constitution
Well, you know
We all want to change your head
You tell me it's the institution
Well, you know
You better free you mind instead
But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao
You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow
Don't you know it's gonna be all right
"Revolution" The Beatles

G double O-D-B-Y-E

Insane crazy drivin' miss daisy

Age: 19Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 11

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Halfling
Elftownworldmap 35°56.112'N 76°35.952'W

Place of living: USA-New York

Known languages

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests

gothgrungeheavy metal
hip hopjazzpop
progressive metalraprock

Other interests
artbookschasing the preferred sex
crime storiesdancingdisco
poetrypornrole playing

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: none

Body shape: fit

Height: 176

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