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demondog89 (havent logged in a couple years. Wow! ET All diff)

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Name: brad peterson


school pic- im a senior


inuyasha from series inuyasha (yes this is my drawing from my hand)

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My myspace is or

This is my old elftown profile info:

hello, whats up. im not very good at making stuff like this so if theres anything u want to know, just ask

wikis joined,
and inuyasha@wiki (they have no pic) and inu rocks@wiki (no banner either)

o, heres some test results i took

I am a A Ivy Dragon!

Hey, I took the online Inner Dragon quiz and found out I am a Ivy Dragon on the inside.

In the war between good and evil, a Ivy Dragon tends to walk the fine line of Neutrality....
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon walks a fine line between Law and Chaos....
As far as magical tendancies, Magical spells come as natural to the Ivy Dragon as breathe from it's body....
During combat situations, the Ivy Dragon shows a preference for the rending and slashing of Hand to Hand combat....
The Ivy Dragon makes it's home in heavily forested areas and sometimes jungles. Ivy Dragon's are closely linked to their environments and well in tune with nature. They are the protectors of the forest, and are sometimes worshiped by druids and elves.'
Ivy dragons gain their name from the powers they have over the plants and animals in their domain. These dragons often link themselves so closely to their territory that they actually entwine part of their life force into the area.'
Because of this, an Ivy Dragons territory is almost always lush and beautiful. The sky is unusually clear and animal life flourishes in a way that seems magical. Ivy Dragons are fierce protectors and will defend their domain with their life, if need be. Ivy Dragon's are have a deep emerald coloring, they are medium sized dragons. Ivy Dragon's are excellent shape shifters. They can use their shape changing abilities to form tendrils or extra limbs in battle to aid them in combat.
This Dragons favorite elements are: Jade, Forests, and Protection


Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Moderate
Schizoid: High
Schizotypal: High
Antisocial: Moderate
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Low
Narcissistic: Low
Avoidant: Moderate
Dependent: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

URL of the test:
URL for more info:

Basically the test said Im a "loner." if ur trying to figure out what it said.

and if u still reading this my favorite song is VOODOO from GODSMACK


(just go to the link or copy and paste it into your browser)

Look down... 2 pics of me trying to look close to edward elric aka the FMA



YESS!!! my automail is almost done... (ive done more since these pics)


Age: 30Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 9

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Elf

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: USA-Texas

Town: terlingua

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat
emailinformation seekingmusic

countrygothheavy metal

Other interests
card gamescookingdogs
filmrole playingscifi

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 173

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