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Username: [Erekosen]
Character Name: Nirikin
Age: 3 (Imago stage)
Race: Nikarath
Gender: Warrior Male
Class / Trade: Swordsman
Alignment: Chaotic
Allegience: The Hive
Guild: None

Appearance: At 9 feet tall, Nirikin is of standard size for a Warrior Male, birthed to protect his Queen. Nirikin's chitin armour is a rare red colour, and still shines brightly, since it is but months old. Nirikin's eyes are a glistening black, adding to his fearsome appearance.

Personality: Nirikin is barely out of his Pupal stage, and displays all the signs of a green warrior, eager to impress his queen and superiors. As such, he lacks the discipline of the more experienced warrior males, and wishes to participate in the world outside the hive.

History: Few events of note have taken place in Nirikin's short life span, he has never left the colony of Nikaroth.

Other: None.

Level: 3
Exp/Required: 450/700

HP: `100/100
Mana - 24/24

Statistics: (Out of Combat/In Combat)
Strength - 12
Constitution - 9
Dexterity - 8
Intelligence - 8
Wisdom - 5
Charisma - 6

Leftover statistic points: 0

Fencing - The swordsman has trained with a blade long enough to gain +1 dex and +2 str while in combat.

Natural Armour - The chitinous shell of the Nikarath provides a +5def bonus whilst the Nikarath does not wear any other armour. This feat is negated whilst wearing any clothing which applies a def bonus.

Cleave - By use of brute strength, which ignores all other factors, the swordsman can strike one enemy, ignoring armour, for Str+d6 damage. This feat can only be used once per day, per 5 levels.

Natural Arms - The blades upon a Nikarath's limbs can be used as a natural weapon against any foe. The Nikarath can attack twice per turn with these weapons and they could as a +4atk weapon. The Nikarath cannot wield any other weapon in combat whilst using Natural Arms.

Steel Halberd

Total Weight: 20/110

Total Gold: 0



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