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My tongue is numb
  and my teeth itch
these walls get more comforting by the years
  My fingernails scream
my hair strands squeal
they tied me a little too tight this time

   When sound asleep
  silent angels deep in my brick red throat
tell me of my dreams:

Her face as ugly as pilgrim bonnets
 crystal tear drops fall from the sky
   her gigantic bunyan strides
    warn me to abide

    Inside the drab room
   richly mingled with smells of bad perfume
 she looks at me with that phantom smile
she mouths, "What do you want to see?"
I tell her, "I can't stay tonight."
  her eyes burn at me from her grimacing face
   she wrenches me from the doorway
     "No, really I...", my voice trails off
     struggling to keep up
   my voice creaks, "Now I understand.
  You're still under the influence of some medical drug."
  she stops abruptly
" are."

She leads me to an obnoxious green room
  as I'm thrown atop the velvet floor
   a flare of pleasure sweeps across her face
     she says in a husky tone
     "What do you want to see?"

     short of breath, I exclaim
   "Snowflakes falling in the vast immobile sky!"
  she smiles slightly with knowing eyes
A profound seat of pain takes its' place in my side
  her flashing eyes illuminate the murals of the angels in my throat
   grinding the back of their teeth, they whine
     "What do you want to see?"

/ [Teh_Wit] 7 November 2004

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