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[HiddenFire] Quotes

A simple list of the quotes that I, [HiddenFire], has come up with durring the course of my life.

"If truth is beauty and beauty truth, then as long as you are true to yourself you will never be anything less than beautiful."

"No one is ugly unless their personality reflects ugliness."

"If someone does not see you as beautiful, this does not mean that you are not beautiful, but rather that they simply do not see you."

"To be normal is to be stereotypical."

"Sacrifice is the deductable when insuring peace."

"Life is a terminal illness with a deadly cure."

"Who you precieve as the 'bad guy' is completely dependant upon which side you're on."

"Those who believe themselves righteous, by definition, can never believe themselves to be wrong. Thusly it can be said that the righteous of the world are simply living a life of ignorance and arrogance."

"Carnivores do not understand herbavores, we just eat them."

"A life without direction goes nowhere."

"Good looks can only get your foot in the door, who you are as a person is what gets them to let you cross the threshold."

"Once inspired one seeks to inspire. In this it is obvious that inpiration is rather infectious and we are little more than vectors through which it spreads."

"Country music is usually nothing more than a waste of a perfectly good guitar."

"The strength of a person is often weighed by how they deal with their weakneses."

"Your political stance is completly dependant upon whose lies you believe the most."

"All religions look toward the devine. But the devine is infinate and everyone has a different point of view, seeing different aspects of the devine depending on their vantage point. That doesn't mean they're not looking at the same entity."

"Guys, you know it's time to grow up when you lick your bowl clean only to discover that you beard is covered in Spagetti-O's"
(Take from person experience)

"The truely delusional people are the one's that can't admit it."

"Clothing is a form of deception."

"I trust so few that it is much easier to simply keep no secrets."

"If you can't laugh at it, you're taking it too seriously."

"Sometimes... puppies just die."

"My home town was so small, the only thing worth doing there was to leave."

"I'm not lazy, I'm effecient."

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2004-10-06 [Kayne]: *starts to watch this page* does this get updated ?

2004-10-07 [HiddenFire]: It does get updated as I slowly am able to pull yet another golden nugget from my... er... head... yeah, head.

2004-10-24 [psychobunny07]: *points to last quote* thats for damn sure...

2004-10-24 [HiddenFire]: Yeah, that's my funny quote. I figured I needed one to break up all the seriousness and philosophical ones. ^_^

2004-10-24 [psychobunny07]: and make the demi paranoid? good job u have suceeded! *luffs the fire*

2004-10-24 [HiddenFire]: yep, you're one of those silly herbavores aren't ya? But only because you don't like meat... not for any moral or idealistic reason. Right?

2004-10-24 [psychobunny07]: umm..i dont eat meat cuz i dont think its very good for u a little bit is good i guess but not a whole meat is expensive and id rather eat a veggie than a hamburger..and cuz its kinda mean to zee animal

2004-10-24 [HiddenFire]: *sighs* yeah... I really don't understand vegitarians. Meat is good for you, You need meat, and the animals is eaten anyway. @.@ But I really can't argue all that can I?

2004-10-29 [pegasus1000]: it is really a personal prefrence. I eat meat because I would die if i did not.

2004-11-23 [psychobunny07]: well..technically no u wouldnt..but ppl who like it so much might think they will tehehe..i will explore this when i take over the world..

2005-01-30 [HiddenFire]: I do know that I would die if I didn't eat vegies. My memory is very poor, everyone knows that. But recently I discovered that the removal of the majority of vegies from my diet has resulted in my mind turning to mush. Seems any imballance in diet causes issues with the brain. I'm happy to say that I'm back to eating my peas, corn and broccoli, and have regained my ability to think rationally. ^_^

2005-02-17 [HiddenFire]: "If you can't laugh at it, you're taking it too seriously." Words to live by.

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