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2006-02-09 15:34:03
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[With much help from my friend] [Elthia]

I've been drawing since I was a kid, like 6 years old.
I've always enjoyed it.
My favourite style of drawing is "Manga". Why?! because i've been inspired by the anime "Dragonball Z". That came on TV when I was 12 years old. I paused the television screen, and began to draw it. I drawed really good, though it was not my design.
On the age I am now, 15, I have been drawing much of my own designs.
My Poster started with a simple idea of mine, [Limbed].
It is my Character named, Limbed. Because it was my very own thought up character which i designed months ago. But that was still a rough. I really liked that character, even now! I guess that is the reason why I am redrawing it to a Poster.
Though, when I have put something on my mind, I'm not letting it go. And if I am going to do it, I am doing it in the BEST way I can!
So my preparations were HUGE. I've been redrawing my character for almost a month on A3 format!
Of course, I didn't want it to be a 8 A4 papers pasted to each other. No, that would be to amateur. What I am going to do, is very similiar to what a pro should do.
I want to edit my design with photoshop. Straigten the Lining, Colour it with the computer, so it isn't crappy as if i would colour it with my colourpencils.
BUT! I cannot work with Photoshop that well. So I have asked a friend of mine here on Elftown if she could do it for me.
I asked [Elthia].
She's resized it to A1 format and started straigtening the lines, colouring, adding light, adding shadows.
The steps [Elthia] and me ([Limbed]) have been put down here. So all of you can see our work!


I, [Limbed], have finished the sketch on A3 format for my poster A1 format.
I've blackened the lines with a marker. I did this because I was bored. and I've given the decoration of the coat a red colour. Because it was very unclear what the decoration was and the lines of the coat itself.


[Elthia] is done with the colouring of the coat. The face and the jeans will come later
No shadows or light. That'll also come later. PATIENCE!!


[Elthia] is done with the colouring of the drawing.
It's totally coloured now.
Only the light everywhere, and the shadows on the coat and the jeans are left.
And I have redrawed the eye. Because I got some hate letters :P.
I need to come up with a background.
People!! HELP ME OUT!!

I'll keep you guys up to date..

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[Elthia]: Totally coloured? You don't want any shadows on the clothes? o.0

[Limbed]: yes i want to... but there are colours everywhere.. you cannot denie that it ins't coloured everywhere..

[Limbed]: oh yea.. i re-designed the EYE.. because it didn't looked that good after all.. ghehe..

[~*~ Luna ~*~]: ja kwil m wel ff beoordelen corné ;) kvind hem heel mooi, goed dat je dat oog hebt veranderd want dit ziet mooier uit, kvind het alleen jammer dat hij zo ver naar voren staat, hij had wel wat meer in het midden van de tekening mogen staan naar mijn mening..

[Wunjo*]: Leuk Gekleurd, de kleurkeuze verrast me eerlijk gezegd! Ik had verwacht dat de jas zwart/grijzig zou worden, maar dit is ook heel toepasselijk. De Ogen heb je perfect aangepast.. en voor de achtergond dacht ik iets van dat ie bovenop een gebouw staat ofzo.. en uitkijkt over een grote stad in de nacht (allemaal lichtjes op de achtergond dus) Omdat het zn jas zo wappert lijkt me het een hoog gebouw waar hij dan op zal staan. Misschien een idee? =D anyway, Nice geworden. Sweet!

[Limbed]: voor luna: ik had hem wat links gezet.. omdat ik ook een beetje een mooie achtergrond wou... en ik wou mijn lange jas een beetje prominent geven.. zodat hij er helemaal op kwam.. maar evengoed bedankt voor je mening

[Limbed]: voor play nomrod for him: ja dank je wel... ik heb hem trouwens niet gekleurd.. bedank [Elthia] maar.. ghehe.. ik heb hem alleen ontworpen.. en gezegt welke kleuren het moesten zijn.. [Elthia] heeft het gekleurd.....   ja dat van dat gebouw kan misschien wel... ik zat zelf te denken aan een natuurrijke omgeving.. maar daar kwam ik niet goed uit..  ik zal het eens in overweging brengen..

[~*~ Luna ~*~]: ja ok, als je de jas de nadruk wou geven dan staat hij zo goed :) maar kvind hem wel mooi hoor! wou dat ik zo goed kon tekenen :P

[vanilla18]: oke id mooi mooi ! ^^ en de ogen staan nu toch beter good job ! en is nu egt een wrede tekening o nee poster sorry ! ><

[Limbed]: ghehe... heel erg bedankt, beide van jullie

[Phoenix Ashes]: far better... the colours of the coat are great and the whole stance is very good, you sorted the face cool, he looks determined and in control... very much a leader if anything

[Limbed]: ghehe.. thank you very much..

[Phoenix Ashes]: pleasure just a little more shading to give it a real 3d feel will be cool

[Limbed]: yea. [Elthia] is doing that at the moment..

[show me your weiner]: man tht looks so bad ass! i do gotta congradulate her!

[Lady Siris]: very nice indeed

[Limbed]: ^o^ chupopopopopopo

[Sinchao]: Stupid hamster. xD

[Limbed]: quite so

[Silver Moon]: love the pic

[Limbed]: Ghehe Thank you ^^:;

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