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Lynyrd Zeppelins Pictures

[Lynyrd Zeppelin]
Angel Wars Banner

Emo Link

Link Playing Guitar

George W. Palpatine!

Uber Final Fantasy VII Character!

Gir Dancing (i did not make this)

Wiki Zapper Badge!

Pivot Stick Man!!!

Pivot Stick Band!!!

Animator vs. Animation Pivot Stick style!

Fighting Tournament #1

Fighting Tournament #2

The original Stickman Band!

Falling Man

Full Body Knight

Face of Knight

Sword of Knight

Shield of Knight

Armor of Knight

A CAD drawing

Salmon Burger Box Cover I Made using CAD

Body Buck to a Shelby AC Cobra i designed in CAD

My score on MindFeed on newgrounds

CAD plus basic 3D objects

My Score On MindFeed 2nd time

My late dog Sunny, In Super Saiyan Form!
My latest design to the Body Buck

On another web site a friend of mine uploaded a .gif of a pokemon battle, but instead of pokemon fighting, it was John McCain, Hilary Clinton, and Barrack Obama. So after that we nominated pokemon that should be president, and i nominated Charizard (it should be noted that i personally hate pokemon, but charizard is just cool looking)

Same reason as the Charizard picture

For whatever reason i started getting into Sonic again. So i thought i'd make my own character. So i made Fang the Wolf in CAD.

A Monkey with its ass on fire. Its Chimchar!

Its Afroman time!

Carrot from One Piece

Buggy the Clown from One Piece

Jak and Daxter

A really old art project from 8th grade

Yeah I know this is terrible, but hey I uploaded it

I used to really be into Naruto, and this is basically my ninja alter-ego from the Naruto universe.

The Next Few are all characters of my Angel Wars RPG. I left (yet again) and in that time the RPG has died. But here are the characters.

It should be noted I'm terrible at drawing feathered wings

Pyro of the Silver Cross Design #1

Pyro of the Silver Cross Design #1, close up on face (sorry that its blurry, my camera did that)

Demonic Form Design #1

Demonic Form Design #1 close up on face

Demonic Form Design #1 sword close up

Angelic Form Design #1 (I'm going to upload design #2, even though its not finished)

Pyro of the Silver Cross design #2

Pyro of the Silver Cross design #2 close up on face

Demonic Form Design #2

Demonic Form Design #2 close up on face

Demonic Form Design #2 close up on wing

Demonic Form Design #2 close up on sword

Angel Form Design #2 (not finished and probably never will be)

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