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The #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain Representative's Handbook


As this campaign needs legions of representatives and spokespeople on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and others, and if you want to become one of this campaign's representatives, you can (and should) read this handbook in a deep paragraph-by-paragraph, sentence-by-sentence and word-by-word basis so you can get an idea of what the office of a #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain representative is about.

The Necessary Research for Becoming a #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain Representative

Performing the necessary research required for a typical #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain representative is as easy as 1, 2, 3 or even ABC. Just point your web browser to (type it into your browser's address bar and hit enter after making a new window and/or tab!) and if you get an error from your browser, then it's time to establish your #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain representative's office on your platform of choice!

The Office of a #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain Representative

The office of a #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain representative are as follows:

* Survey the platforms for those who remember Elfwood and their past operations on said website

* Point to those who're surveyed to the #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain Campaign's main page and implore them to read the page in a deep paragraph-by-paragraph, sentence-by-sentence and word-by-word manner

* Convince those who have read said page to sign the petition and spread it all around the internet, through email, posts on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, web forums, tweets on Twitter and emails, along with some wholesome memes that can be inserted along with the #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain word in neat packages

* Apply game mechanics to the campaign's operations on said platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and other platforms), complete with an RPG-style levelling system, leaderboards, badges/achievements and performance graphs.


If you have established your #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain representative's office on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and/or another platform, have lots of fun performing operations for the #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain Campaign so we can get Elfwood back online.

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