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[Mind on Zero]

There he is, standing in the rain,
with a faint smile on his face,
as if he is enjoying this agressive storm.
Strong winds try to push him out of balance,
the rain that is falling on top of him with the force to drill him into the ground,
the lightning that is trying to scare him.
He doesn't move a muscle,
not even his eyes that blink to clean his eyes from the dirty rain.
Just standing there in the open field with his arms spread and his face gazing into the sky.
He takes a hold of his wakazashi with both of his hands and points it at the sky withh pure self-confidence.
then he releases his right hand, still looking into the sky.
Takes a hold of his katana with his right hand and stabbed it into the ground,
still holding his hand on it.

He inhales a deep breath and releases right after.
Then inhales another deep breath,
but now letting it stay put in his lungs.
He closes his eyes,
and putting his mind on zero.
Yet still that pure self-confidence and even that faint smile on his face.

all of the sudden,
lightning strikes.
Heading with an unthinkable speed to him.
All happening in less then a second.
Just before it hit him.
He simply dodged it.
More thunderbolts appeared,
one after another.
He dodged them one by one,
all of them.

"Kuso!" he said frustrated.
His smile disappeared.
"They're all no good." he wispered.
He closed his eyes again,
keeping another breath in his lungs and puts his mind on zero.
The thunderbolts came again.
He's still dodging all of them,
but leaving no sign of satisfaction.
The lightning stopped.
So did he.
Still pointing his wakizashi into the sky and the katana he had to lift up,
take it with him and stab into the ground each time he dodged a thunderbolt.

The glare of frustration and annoyance disappeared from his face.
"Naru hodo!" He shouted.
"It's worth giving it a try." he said, with an at last satisfied look on his face.
Now he just stayed where he is standing.
Letting all of the thunderbolts strike his wakazashi.
Tens, hundreds, thousands! of thunderbolts striked his wakazashi.
His wakazashi absorbed all of them.
It turned into a bright glowing grey-blue-ish wakazashi,
instead of a steal one.

The wind left,
the rain stopped,
the heavy clouds floated away.
The storm disappeared.
The sky became clear,
he could see the bright stars and the huge white moon.
He was still standing there in the open field,
but now breathing heavily and his body was twitching and convulsing from the lightning.
Giving all his might and strenght to hold his position.
He gave a disastrous yell to throw away all of his inner frustrations.
His body stopped twitching and relaxed.
His face shined with pleasure and satisfaction.

He lifted his katana and lowered his wakazashi.
Both to shoulder height.
He let his katana slide over his wakazashi.
The further he went to the tip,
the more the wakazashi from the katana to the tip began to glow,
as though he was compressing the absorbed lightning.
The other part began to return to it's original state.
Then he tightened his muscles,
aimed his wakazashi to the moon,
sled his katana over his other sword with and incredible force.
The compressed and absorbed lightning is being pushed out of his wakazashi.
An enourmous thunderbolt erupted out of the tip of his wakazashi.
He is moving his wakazashi slightly.
The thunderbolt dured for only a few seconds.

There it stood. Written in the moon:"Limbed owned this place"

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