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Here are a few different representations of the Pentagram, or Pentalpha, as we know it. Now, don't get upset if one offends you, there are litteraly hundreds of different meanings for different people.

The Pentagram has had many names through the ages: Pentalpha, The Endless Knot, the Pentacle of the Virgin, the Seal of the Microcosm, the Star of Knowledge, the Pentacle of Templars, and according to some, the Seal of Soloman. Medieval churchman, however, called it Witch's Font, or Wizard's Star, Goblin's Cross, Druid's Foot, and Devil's Sign. It has been used by Sumerians, Kabbalists, Celts, Egyptians, Christians and Gypsies. 


It stands for Spirit ruling the world of Matter... also life, health, protection (especially against hostile spirits)... also a human being as microcosm of the universe. The points represent the 5 senses, stages of life, or states of consciousness. Small ones, of silver, are amulets favored by Witches. On a disk of wood or metal it is the Witch's Pentacle, the ritual toll of Earth. If inverted, it can stand for the Horned God... or for Spirit hidden in Matter or subject to it.

Here are a few different Pentacles, or Pentagrams.


Man as Microcosm

Pentagram of Solomon

Pentacle of Solomon

Pentamorph, or 'Goat of Mendes'

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