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2006-10-31 05:06:58
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[Kurai Tenma]'s art... That would be me...

Walking on the Edge (Complete)- My first attempt at a full scene. This was completed my senior year, two years ago.


Battle Ready- A battle pic, duh. This is two years old.

<img: Ready.jpg>

Casual- My attempt at attire. This might be two years old.


Elven Woman- My first attempt a female face. This is two years old.


Michael- My somewhat "bland" view of the ArchAngel. I should do a detailed pic. This is from seven years ago.


Jugilo- This is were it gets weird... Like an evil Grinch, kinda. This is from six years ago.


Strider- Yes, from the video game. Lol. This is four or five years old.


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2006-12-28 [~Rainbow Love~]: nice drawings. are you good at drawing black roses?

2006-12-28 [Kurai Tenma]: I could give it a shot.

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