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2007-03-10 21:05:24
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Well all these are some of my poems over the next few weeks i will be posting them all up.

Graveyard Wings
By Scott "Severus Bloodmoon" Rogers

Under full moons waxing lyrically
Deaths poetry floods the soul
Like the freezing seed of a daemons freedom
And in their dance
Hymeneal gates open to darker sides
Haunted by this portent soul
This obsession in my mind
Marbled wings spread the skies
Avail of dreams it would seem
The daylights race to leave behind

Strangled Carnalities
By Scott "Severus Bloodmoon" Rogers

These visions struck like a furious fuck
Nailing wet lips to cold cemetery walls
Splashed across my psychic pall
A sanctuary of sin
Free of Eden's tragic wreck
Came small mercies
In vistas of doman and vault
From whence more awful shadows crawl
Shades of dusk, cruelty, and myth arise
Through my gathering gloom
Mesmerized from the tombs
But from flumes of the moon in bloom
A Vatican lying in state
For the sanctity of sin
Taught the twisted whispers
Were fisted
While i watched in revolt
Carnalities the few beasts would permit

Deaths Poetry
By Scott "Severus Bloodmoon" Rogers

Between the dog and the wolf
Bared fangs brought me into intercourse
For those below
Who rose to hunt
Sought sights that preyed on me for days
I drew in blood, my veins in thrall
To deathugees at peace within
An underworld free of Mortal rule
Grotesques and wolves in women's skirts
The raven winged and missing limbed
Suicides and split thighed Seraphim
Marbled stairs ascent like the star gazers dare
As smoke or ghost of lithe nightmares
Wunder full moons waxing lyrically
Deaths poetry floods the soul

Lithe Nightmares
By Scott "Severus Bloodmoon" Rogers

Like the wrecking weed of a demon freed
To curse the star with vertigo
Hymeneal gates to the other side
A labyrinth where in Midan hides
Through the black backed mirrors in sanity
Lucent prides amassed in last retreat
Prudent souls but no more freaks
That those leashing dreams at harms length
Just like the grim ascension prophecies
My revenge carved deep in hate
Like my filthy withe ward splatterd with their bloody screams
Exhuming the moon
Through the bars in my room
And dead men from upside down crosses
My fate is a preview of a derelict Hell

Funeral Fire
By Scott "Severus Bloodmoon" Rogers

Our tongues could not be silenced
Their unforgotten violence
Remembered those who died
And as my flesh is put to fire
I hear their voices still
Burning into the fire
As we burn the funeral pyre
We show no mercy to the heathen
Who stand accused of clemency
Your wicked acts are endless
My innocence the vidtim of superstitious fears
Preaching death and hatred beneath the shadow of the knife

Tearing The Veil From Grace
By Scott "Severus Bloodmoon" Rogers

A swansong for ravens trapped
Flapping in the night
Yet a tragic magikal fall from grace
For I was defiled, reviled, and exiled from sight
And Hell knows I sought victory
I was cast down to die
On a steeple of needles thrust into my eyes
So the scholars say
I was blinded by pride
Regaining my sights
From the storming of skies
And after descenturies were crawled
Our dark harkened day on spread wings now arrives
For our entry is a coprophagic
To retake what once was lost
So that our throne is above the stars
That we are now found
Can be exalted

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2008-05-09 [Ranon =3]: These are amazing babe. Love you xxx

2009-02-07 [Alexis Kate]: Wow, I am quite impressed:) Such full useage of emotion and pain, turned into such expressive words. You most definitly have a gift:)

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