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Hey what up? My name is [SephirothFFVII].
Those of you who love and admire the great One-Winged Angel known as Sephiroth, please put your Username and make a comment or two if you want.
If any of you want to, please make a banner for this wiki. It should have some kind of picture of Sephiroth in it. Okay, thanks.

The official banner of The One-Winged Angel Fan Club, by [Erubeus]

Ichi Hane Angels

001.[SephirothFFVII]-OWNER-Hey and welcome to the One-Winged Angel Fan Club! A Tribute to the One-Winged Angel himself, Sephiroth.
003.[*Leric*] Great times, great times; p
004.[Ryo-Oni] Sephy is such a cutie.
005.[kasaix.x]i am obsessed
006.[Lynyrd Zeppelin]Sephiroth is fucking awesome. Cloud sucks.

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2006-08-05 [SephirothFFVII]: Well, basically, we talk about Sephiroth and I was think about making a Rp in this wiki maybe...but I'm not sure.

2006-08-07 [kasaix.x]: that would be fun...

2006-08-07 [Theblondphantom]: this place is getting boring I don't want to be here any longer

2006-08-07 [kasaix.x]: whatto talk about...oh yeah...Sephiroth...hes awesome...

2006-08-07 [SephirothFFVII]: yeah he is..

2006-08-08 [Playin with Fire and already burnt]: Hey, if you were a true fan JadeoftheGemini, wouldnt you still be here?

2006-08-09 [Playin with Fire and already burnt]: ok quick question for ya, what is worse, the fact that Sephiroth was partialy created by Hojo as a science experiment, or that he was told his mother was Jenova?

2006-08-09 [SephirothFFVII]: I think that being a science experiment is worse..he didn't like the idea of being an experiment..

2006-08-09 [Playin with Fire and already burnt]: Yeah, but then again,,, if he wasnt told that his mother was Jenova, he wouldnt know what to do with his powers right?

2006-08-09 [SephirothFFVII]: Right.

2006-08-09 [Playin with Fire and already burnt]: thats what has me thinkin,If he was just told who his true mother was,,,, he might have destroyed only Shinra, and could have been one of the good guys.

2006-08-11 [SephirothFFVII]: in that perspective Sephiroth could have been a good guy, huh?

2006-08-14 [Playin with Fire and already burnt]: well, thats what i figure...i mean,,, for all I know,, he could have just went nuts on hojo, then keep fighting for shinra,, which means cloud and the gang would still have to face him.

2006-08-14 [SephirothFFVII]: True. You're right about that.

2006-08-16 [kasaix.x]: yeah i agree

2007-02-08 [SephirothFFVII]: So what do y'all think about his appearance in Advent Children?

2007-02-22 [kasaix.x]: it was awesome...

2007-02-23 [Playin with Fire and already burnt]: Too short, lol

2007-02-26 [SephirothFFVII]: True, true...But good nonetheless ^^ The music for the "Sephiroth/Cloud" fight scene was pretty good, too.

2007-03-12 [kasaix.x]: i agree...

2008-11-09 [kasaix.x]: damn i always agree....i need something to disagree

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