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Aeon from FF10: "aeon" or "eon" is a very long period of time (no specific time constraint is usually given for it). Arcanus Dominus adds: In Gnosticism, Aeons are emanations from the Godhead, and somewhat reminiscent of the Sephiroth in Cabalism.

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2004-02-17 [Hilohello]: This is a measure of time, not a critter!

2004-02-17 [Angel Dreamer]: no...that would be an eon.

2004-02-22 [Hilohello]: I searched on google...An aeon is apparently longer than an eon....

2004-02-22 [Angel Dreamer]: i was just going off their being a critter from ffx :P

2004-02-24 [xido]: Aeon is also a term used for time-space flux, and the supposed astral entities that cause them....but that's all metaphysics, really. The Aeon, a major arcana card in Aleister Crowley's Thoth tarot deck, card XX, represents the typical Judgement, or Call from Heaven. It represents the turning of the ages and their progression. I think it's a great name for a critter, but it would have to be a powerful one, that's for sure.

2004-03-11 [zinny]: Well, Aeons from FFX do follow the previous description, so it COULD be one of them. ;D

2004-08-08 [Nightshadow]: Even though this comment is a bit late, just for the record..."aeon" is an alternate and borderline-archaic spelling of "eon." "Ae" like in "Caesar." Yes, I consulted a dictionary to be sure.

2004-08-09 [xido]: :) yep. That's why it is an odd term, but useful. I use the definition expressed by Aleister Crowley in the Book of Thoth... It is a High Arcana/Atu, or Trump, in the Thoth tarot deck, signifying the card XX, The Judgement/the Angel... His version, The Aeon, is visionary and utilizes the forces of the spiritual flame, and the soul of humanity, represented in the cycles of our societies. His view is that we are now entering the era of Horus, or Hoor-Pa-Kraat, the celestial child of Osiris and Isis. I'm not sure that has anything to do with critters... but it's a good concept to have in mind when making one, I guess.... x.o

2005-07-13 [xido]: I think if an aeon were anything, it would be like a couatl, the celestial winged snake. <img:> compliments of Wizards of the Coast.

2006-03-12 [Adaman]: The term aeon is derived from an immortal-like creature, with a rough translation equaling "everlasting" or "eternity". Its not a wonder that such a translation would eventually be twisted by latin loving scientists to equal a very long measure of time. From a purely fantasy standpoint its a creature, from a scientific standpoint it is a measure of time. Type the word into google, the first links that come up are nothing related to FFX. In fact, most of them are religious encyclopedias. While the religious context of aeons as creatures is controversial, they make excellent superior monsters or other creatures to be deified. Besides FF summons are always called something different per game.

2008-02-01 [xido]: Aleister Crowley referred to the Aeon as both a time and a deity, as if the time were, in fact, a being of supernatural, semi-omnipotent power.

Could we find just a couple more links for here. I am gonna say this is NOT a typically player-worthy creature, in case anyone ever considers it. I might be inclined to listen to an appeal, should we ever develop a truly consistent creature on this page to fit the name. I have seen the FF aeon, I think...

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