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X-Men RPG Character Admission Form

How do I make a character?

1. Your RP character must be original.
You're not playing one of the X-Men as a main character, and don't make your character a rip off or copy of any comic character.

2. Please be sensible when picking your mutant's abilities.
Please don't have contrasting abilities, such as power over water and fire, and don't try and pick loads and loads. A physical mutation and another ability are fine (e.g. Nightcrawler), and two related powers are good too, but please don't go overboard. (Read What not to do with powers for help coming up with a good, clean ability.)

3. No over-powering your character.
Yes, your character is a mutant. Yes, your character has powers. No, they're not unlimited. No one blocks every attack, no one knows everything. Remember, your character still has limits and flaws too!

4. Pictures of your character can go in your character's bio.
Not on the RP pages. X-Men Art page is also a good place.

5. Submit your finalized character to the GM ([Figgy]) and wait for suggestions and/or approval.

6. Don't RP until your bio is up on X-Men Characters.
We might need you to change something about your bio, before you RP. And it's just confusing for others if a new character comes along and they go to read the bio... and it's not there. Also, don't change your bio after it's been approved, unless you're just fixing typos or if gameplay has caused a significant enough change in the character.

Please read rules and application directions carefully and use acceptable grammar. The GM reserves the right to refuse any application.


<b>User Name:</b> (The player's username)

<b>Character name:</b> (Full name, if applicable)
<b>Mutant Name:</b> (Or codename)

<b>Classification:</b> (Will your character simply be a student, or do you prefer them to be an offical X-Man?)

<b>Abilities/powers:</b> (Character's mutant powers - refer back to the rules on this page, X-Men RP Rules and What not to do with powers) Having trouble with the powers? Check out X-Men Mutations.

<b>Sex:</b> (Male or Female)
<b>Age/Date of Birth:</b>
<b>General appearance:</b> (Physical description; i.e., hair color/length/style, eye color, skin color, height, weight, etc.)
<b>Additional Appearance:</b> (Additional physical description; i.e., scars, piercings, clothing style, etc.)

<b>Personality:</b> (Preferably at least paragraph length description on your characters personality, beliefs, etc.)
<b>Special Skills:</b> (Any talents your character may have, such as being able to play an instrument, or having mechanical knowledge and being able to hotwire or fix cars)

<b>Place of birth:</b> (Where your character was born)
<b>Weapon(s) of choice:</b> (Any weapons your character may choose to use, not a necessity)
<b>Medical information:</b> (Any medical conditions your character may have, not a necessity)
<b>Brief History:</b> (Preferably at least paragraph length account of your character's major life events which may have led them to Xavier's Mansion. *note* Guys, both here and the X-men RP, we're trying to detach ourselves from the characters and concepts of Marvel comics, keeping only the base premise of the X-men. So if possible, try to steer clear of canon characters and events from the Marvel Comics.)
<b>Relatives:</b> (Any living, dead, or important relatives your character may have)

<b>How long your character has been in the mansion:</b> (Your character can either be listed as a new arrival or may have been in the mansion for a period of time already)

X-Men RP * X-Men Characters

Username (or number or email):


2012-09-02 [Figgy]: >_>

2012-10-22 [Dwarf Ronin]: Are you guys accepting applications at this time?

2012-10-22 [Figgy]: Always.

2012-10-22 [Dwarf Ronin]: Sweet, I'll get to work right away

2012-10-26 [Dwarf Ronin]: Took me a while, but got my application finished and sent. Hope you enjoy.

2012-12-01 [Yami]: I'm thinking about joining, but, how active is this rp?

2012-12-01 [Figgy]: Incredibly.

2012-12-01 [Yami]: Do you really need more players? Or are you good?

2012-12-01 [Duredhel]: We're always happy to have more players :>
Weekends are a bit busy for the GM tho, so if you send an app thursday night trough saturday night, expect a bit of a delay in the response.

2012-12-01 [Yami]: I'm just a bit weiry. the last x-men rp I join i got shunned out of because me and another player were posting too much

2012-12-01 [Evolution X]: yeah... chel was quite the bitch for doing that...

2012-12-01 [Duredhel]: No worries. We're a bit more diplomatic, I think. Also, we usually establish posting orders and provide players with side-pages if they want to just develop some personal plots.

2012-12-01 [Yami]: Oh hey Evo! XD I don't think I'll be using the same character from that one.

2012-12-01 [Roma]: Sweet. More characters :3

2012-12-01 [Duredhel]: Next in-game day is gonna be fun, with all these people arriving :>

2012-12-01 [Roma]: Mwahaha

2012-12-01 [Yami]: give me some time to work on my character. I have a couple of mutants but I don't know how wll each will work in the rp.

2012-12-02 [Figgy]: Just send us whatever you come up with, we'll help you through editing it :3

2014-08-03 [Kbird]: can we make more then one character?

2014-08-03 [Figgy]: Yup!

2014-08-03 [Kbird]: yay, because 3/4 in the morning inspiration just hit! XP

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