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Members who start Elftown or are selected by the current Mayor may become the Elftown Mayor.
Members possessing the Mayor's absolute trust in their abilities and character, in addition to some luck, may become an Elftown ViceMayor.
The Council selects new Council-members. You don't have to have a title to be able to become a Council-member.
Members who follow all of the Elftown rules may be selected to become Guards by the Mayor, ViceMayor, and/or current Guards.
Members may be selected to become Wiki Bosses by current Wiki Bosses after demonstrating significant knowledge of wikis, patience in answering wiki-related questions, and willingness to help other members with wiki-related problems.
Members who have knowledge of Pike and Roxen (see Elftown Technology), possess the trust of the Mayor, and are pleasant to work with may be selected by the Mayor to become Magicians.
Members may be selected by the Mayor to become Secret Agents. This badge will not be shown in the houses, as it is a secret title.


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2011-05-26 [kians mummy]: i would love to become a wiki boss or an agent

2011-05-26 [Alexi Ice]: Secret agents are kept, well, secret. You can not just ask for the position. Wiki bosses are on the council.

2011-05-27 [kians mummy]: grrrrrrr, only if i could get on the council

2011-05-27 [Alexi Ice]: You need patients which is a trait you still currently lack. On one of the pages I ran across the council has a saying ' Don't come to us, we will come to you' It would be to your best interest to be patient, calm and friendly. Probably stop sending people invites to your naked wiki pages, capitalize the beginning of every sentence and keep doing things for the community. It takes a lot of time to be admitted on to the council but there is plenty you can do here on Elftown without being a council member. Just keep up the good work and keep learning. Good things come to those who wait.

2011-05-28 [kians mummy]: Well when i invite people, it automatically adds who ever are on the wiki pages, its not my fault

2012-10-03 [Awesomekat]: Im willing to wait. Meanwhile I'll find something else in Elftown to do.

2012-10-07 [kians mummy]: I have waited for more than 1 year and still no, I have priv 79 on Elfpack and priv 89 on Cathug

2012-10-08 [windowframe]: I was here for about three years before I even got a builders badge, even longer before I managed to become a council member. ;)

2012-10-09 [kians mummy]: Ok, well if you need a hand, I know how to work with priv 89 and 79 and I am good at it. X

2012-10-09 [Alexi Ice]: I think I was here about four and a half before I did much more than get competition badges. ^^

2012-10-10 [kians mummy]: Ok I get it. :)

2012-10-16 [Stephen]: You know Sammie, you weren't prived on Elfpack or on Cathug so you could use them as a ploy for privs and titles on Elftown. =P

@Silvie: I like the layout of this page. It's very.. crisp and clean. :)

2012-10-16 [windowframe]: Thanks. :) This is one of the few that I'm happy with.

2012-10-16 [Stephen]: You're welcome. :)

I might try to steal something like this on Elfpack. <img:img/mood/61513_1224162230.gif>

Sadly, the more badges you have on the page, the more difficult it is to keep the page looking nice. <img:stuff/Br23-gif.gif>

2012-10-16 [windowframe]: Yas. I was thinking cutting down some of the badges on the contest index page so that it only showed the full-colour badge. Since the phases are explained on the individual wikis anyways, I'm not sure there's much point in sticking it all on the index page too. And it just makes the wiki massively too long and clunky.

2012-10-16 [Stephen]: If I remember, that page is huuuge. You could just make a little blurb of text for reference on the phases (for those who don't bother page surfing too much..) and then only include the colored versions. <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

2012-10-30 [kians mummy]: Yeah it looks amazing

2012-11-11 [Awesomekat]: AHA! I know what I'm going to do on Elftown! Write songs that no one looks at anyways! YA! (Been doing that for awhile anyways so I'll stick at it)<img:44166_1164145221.gif><img:45154_1117568590.gif> Oh how I love being random and unseen at times. :P

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