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Poetry by [Linderel].

Splashes from a young woman's poetic soul. Melancholy tales of beauty, cruelty, love, and nature spoken in verse. Blame the muse, leave comments, and see the notes at the bottom.

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Lilting Lavender

lovelorn lady

letters lie

lonely, longing
lady Luck

Laugh lowly
lunatic lover

lightning-like lust
leaves legs lazy

Lean lightly
little lady

list lies loudly


Hush, child
listen to the winds
and the stories they tell
Hush, sit still
so you'll hear the whispers
of olden spirits
Silently now
look up at the stars
to make just one wish


Fall down
under the calm black surface
these depths
tell stories we
never wanted to hear
screaming out loud to
cover the words
drowning under waves of
unadulterated guilt
gasping for breath
we dissolve


quietly, tendrils of sleep
leaving fragments

can almost taste, almost
hear but never touch

even reaching
farther than arms
can go
  ...made of clay
  tied down, bound

to the ground

melody becomes whisper, then silence
flit far away
into realm of dreams

I open blurred eyes
and cannot follow.

- 03.01.2010

An Ode to Cats

The dark tail swishes,
once, twice, and stills
as the beast stalks her prey
(quite unknowing
humming gently under their breath)
and she crouches, low
silent, careful
velvet and steel on white-stained grass
Creep just
 a little
   closer and


The prey is hers—
a satisfied purr
body cleverly entwined
around the captive's legs
That twinkle is not evil, no
but your heart has been stolen
and is being softly held
between small, playful paws.

- 05.01.2010

Blues for the Fallen

The house of my heart
has its windows barred

Once, long ago,
fairytale princes came
to knock upon a door
painted daintily in a pattern
of red and blue pansies
and sat on their valiant white steeds
would profess a love undying,
unwavering and eternal
and there would lilt through the air
a most beautiful melody
but the door never opened

What maiden live there?
Perhaps a long lost princess,
now captured or simply mistrusting
of sweet promises, whispered vows—
perhaps a witch
wicked, bitter, heartbroken
never to show her face to the world

Not one of them stayed
those handsome young men
one by one starved, left, or was lost
to the darkness of the woods
but the song still echoes around the trees,
and becoming weaker
while a shadow in the doorway moves inside

The windows are barred
in the house of my heart.

- 14.02.2010


Velvet beneath
where water blurs concrete
from feet up
head-to-toe in sky's embrace

even that fragrance
fills your being
Clap, laugh
dance with these drops

No cold
only joy, bare skin on asphalt

the music of the storm

- 15.07.2010

Assembly Line

Please deposit your clothes on
the assembly line
           h  e  r  e

prepare for

take care
to pick up your watch at the other end

check your smile in the mirror provided




- 20.08.2010


woodsmoke curls between us
obscuring vision but I still know
you are not perfect
and I was never beautiful

yet what is here
lighted by the glowing embers
passes slowly into night
and twines, warm, around my heart

- 03.09.2010

loving the night

the clock on the nightstand
is ticking the stars away
glimmering between the curtains
on your muted skin
the moon smiles and knows
every breath caught in my throat


touch by touch
caressed over gentle curves
each minute is spent
letting my fingers meet
every contour of you

- 15.09.2010


How easy it seemed
to find those tiny grains of happiness
in every day of every year
how easy to forget that

inside, all the world is burning
and the meticulous craft of some devil
will eventually tip us off balance

send us

running blind
into the arms and mouths of every imaginable hell
where the mirage of some grace
awaits, hungry

and the distorted memory
of every smile and tear and game of tag
plays in our heads over

and over

and over


until nothing is the same
even though we kept faith
prayed and begged and pleaded
and so

this is where we surrender.

- 28.10.2010

The Timid Fancy

Here is the ideal:

I will surrender my heart
and love you as ever only imagined
in dreams of starlit ballads;

in your hands confide
all my aching wounds,
old love-battle scars; and

lay at your feet the keys
to hidden corners of my self.

All of this, through the prism of emotion,
is beautiful to you—not beyond compare
for I was never so foolish—but
more than enough to make you stay.

The reality
is never made of silk or velvet. It is not soft
like dawn or a misted rain, but sharp,
edged as winter's wind.

Here, then, is the hope:

My jagged edges will
line up with yours—click into place
like pieces of a puzzle—
and if not, the hope is still this:

We will not become the shards of our selves
and injure each other
while pulling the pieces apart.

- 23.11.2010

An Ode to February

Winter has breathed upon me its silence;
frost-garbed trees shared their sleepy sighs
of yearning for a warmer breeze.
Swathed in wool, lost in cloudless azure,
I watch as crystals spark and glint
in the pale morning sun; marvel
at banks of finest powder snow
yet to be disturbed.
Crisp, biting, the air stings my cheek
and steals away my breath
until only gasps are left.
February has no mercy for the wearied soul
yet still offers a fleeting glimpse
of unrivalled beauty
in a myriad frozen flowers.

- 17.02.2011

A Tragic Little Tale

You have vanished.
Is this bitterness, beating
poison into grief-frozen veins, mine?
There is nothing graceful about this
and I ache to think
a year should be all I am given of you.

She exists no more, you say—
yet you still glimmer somewhere underneath
where I am no longer permitted.
Perhaps it is a crime I've committed,
this issue with loving you too much.
It cannot be helped.

Foolish as I am,
I sit in the lap of uncertainty
and wait for the ground to thaw.

- 07.04.2011


All the whispers say,
    “This is a blessed child.
     She will show us the way,
     redeem us of our wrongs
     and light the dark paths
     to lead us home.”
Sharp eyes and sharper smile
greet each awed pilgrim,
searching, probing for the answers
they want her to give them.
When the oracle speaks,
she releases their souls
from the cold emptiness of the world;
gates of heavens
are thrown open wide.
Every fool sings in rapture
even as he is swallowed whole.

All the poets write,
    “There is no greater glory
     than to be gazed upon by those eyes;
     no honour to compare
     to being touched by her hand.
     She holds the keys to Paradise.”
The oracle smiles,
wraps her delicate fingers
around their hearts
and twists.

- 23.05.2011


Raindrops knock at the window
and I feel hollow in the silence—
I am the only one breathing this still air
in a room that is not mine
but has become yet another home
for me to return to.

The distance is a faint ache on my skin
and the clock mocks me,
ticking away secondsminuteshoursdays
too fast even as it is too slow.
has brought me to my knees before, you know.

Yet I cannot regret giving my heart the leave
to love you.

- 23.05.2011

Summer Night Haiku

Sun peeks through veiled sky;
flowers soon to fall asleep.
Scent of rain lingers.

- 12.06.2011

The Gift of Wings

There are feathers in
your hand when you wake
and from somewhere afar you
can hear the song of beautiful
little birds, beckoning.
You want to join them.
A fluttering on the windowsill, now—
capture it in trembling
fingers and whisper
old memories into ears
that will transform your clumsy
human speech; new melodies
will be born out of your sorrow
and perhaps tomorrow
you will feel lighter.
For today, for now, you can hold the bird gently
fling it onto the sky
and smile.

- 10.08.2011

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