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This house may contain artistic nudity. Do not look if it offends you, and don't report her to the guards!

Linderel (<img:img/mood/15082_1166671878.jpg> I shall try this writing thing again.)

Member #4731 created: 2003-02-17 17:05:42Simple URL:   

Name: S. A.

This is not a recent photo, and thus could be seen as a misrepresentation of the Lin. I like it, though, so here it shall be.

Drawing missing.

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There is a zoo in this box. Nothing bites, I think, but be careful all the same!

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1. This stands for being a member of the Council Veterans.
2. Having sold my soul once upon a time, I'm one of the Daily Poem Bosses Veterans.
3. I'm one of the Featured Member Bosses Veterans.
4. I'm one of the Featured Story Bosses Veterans.
5. I'm one of the Master Poets, having had my poetry featured on the Main Street 11 times.
6. I'm one of the Saint Valentine Poets.
7. I'm one of the Halloween Poets and even won Halloween Poem Competition - 2004.
8. I'm one of the Christmas Poets.
9. I'm one of the Donors of Writing.
10. I'm one of the Featured Writers after having a story featured on Main Street.
11. I'm one of the Photographers
12. I'm one of the Saint Valentine Photographers.
13. I am one of the Reference Photographers.
14. After donating over 100 graphics to Elftown Graphics, I became one of the Centipedes.
15. I'm one of the EG Artists.
16. As I have drawn some of my fellow councillors, I'm one of the Portraitists.
17. I'm one of the Donors of Art.
18. I am one of the Saint Valentine Painters.
19. I'm one of the Featured Painters.
20. I am one of the Town Heralders.
21. I'm one of the Literature Judges.
22. I'm one of the Featured Wikigraphers. This means that something of mine has been a Featured Wiki.
23. I am one of the ET Pollers, which means that my poll suggestion was picked to go on Main Street. You, too, can suggest a poll!
24. I do stuff, so I'm one of the Builders.
25. I'm one of the Donors of Funds. Thank you!
26. I nitpick official pages and report bugs, and thus am one of the Inspectors.
27. I'm one of the Reviewers.
28. I'm one of the Elfchat Bosses.

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Building workerInspectorHeralder

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Street childAdventurerTravelling bard
Master of Building


Hullo. I am Linderel, or Lin if you wish. Occasionally, you'll also see me referred to as Lami. 28, femme, Finland. Formerly part of the Elftown Council, now just a rather old member. You may have seen me around.

Lami's Reading List
I like to read. Recommendations are heartily welcome.

When not spending too much time on the Internet or with my nose glued to a novel, I study at the university. I have a BA in English Philology, and intend to continue Master's level studies for the same. My minor subject is Literature. It is in that field that I wish to find my future employment; my dream is to be a librarian or book shop clerk.

Books and music are my life. I am barely able to imagine a world without them, and I do not particularly wish to.

Personally, I engage in various creative pursuits: from writing to photography to handicrafts to an attempted painting or two. My greatest strength lies in the use of language, although I am not completely hopeless at the other mentioned pastimes, either.

Roleplaying is another dear hobby of mine, although I indulge in it less frequently than I would like. I prefer IRL pen & paper campaigns of various systems; I am, however, open to RP online as well. Recently, I have also begun to regain an interest in computer games. You can find me on Steam under the handle lamiena.


eyes flash, and a lithe little thief
takes another heart for its own
stepping softly in darkness

Should there be anything else you would like to know about me, a question concerning Elftown, or even just a desire to strike up a conversation, leave a message after the beep. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dramatis Junkies



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Age: 36Year of birth: 1986Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 18

Fantasy race personality: Human
Elftownworldmap 60°12.948'N 24°5.178'E

Place of living: Finland

Town: Oulu / Helsinki

Known languages

Elfwood writer: Yes

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat
information seekingstrategy gamesuse communities

countryfolk musicheavy metal
jazznew ageopera
popprogressive metalrock

Other interests
board gamesbookscard games
religionrole playingsinging
theatreThe Town Heraldtravelling

Sexual preference: both sexes

Height: 158

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