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When does a member deserve a certain badge?

There are several ways in which members may receive official badges. Badges may be earned in various ways, which are explained on the many pages linked below.

What systems do we apply for each badge?

Most badges work with a system of upgrading: the more you do the prettier your badge becomes. Almost every badge has its own system of upgrading.
A common system is to start off with a green badge. The green badge then becomes a coloured one. Coloured badges show upgrades through items being added to the badge.
Other badges don't have a green version at all and start with a coloured badge that can be upgraded to a higher badge.
To see exactly how each badge can be earned you can visit the wikis below:


The admin take care of technical things, contests, and make sure Elftown works and its members behave. These jobs may only be done by members or past members of the Council.


The Experts take care of Main Street and make sure that all the features & polls update regularly. These jobs may only be done by members or past members of the Council.



The Workers help build, maintain and moderate other parts of Elftown. These jobs may be done by ordinary members of Elftown.


Donors are those who have donated their art, writing or skills to the improvement of Elftown.


Contest Participants

Contest Participants are those who contribute to Elftown's community by entering official Competitions!


Veterans are those who once helped run elftown as one of the admin or experts but who have now retired.


It is the task of the Elftown crew to hand members the proper badges. Please remember that contest badges are given out when the winner of the contest is announced, not when you enter the contest, or when the contest officially closes. Badging is a complicated task, so please allow the crew time. If, several days after the contest winner has been announced, you still have not had the badge you think you earned, please contact the Council and explain, politely, what the problem is.

If you think you have earned any of the other Elftown badges, and have not been badged, please contact the Council and explain, politely, what badge you think you should have.


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2011-04-12 [Nioniel]: Under the Donors page, Reference Photographers is missing. Don't know if I should add it myself.

2011-04-12 [windowframe]: Bah! Messing up those nice groups of three! :P

2011-04-12 [Nioniel]: It's unfortunate, I know. :P

2011-05-26 [There Is No Cure]: This may be silly but which would be an easy badge to aquire? I've never seen badges before but those I have looked at are so cute!

2011-05-26 [windowframe]: Seeing that you're a writer/poet, the Daily Poets badge might be easier for you to earn - submit your poetry to the Daily Poem. We also have two writing contests running currently (one prose, one poetry) and participation in either will give you a green badge (or a colour badge, if you win!) The contests are: The Elftown Limerick Competition & Elftown Prose Contest. There are also several other art and photography contests running (which all gives badges for participation and winning). You can see the full list of open contests at Competitions. The Reviewers badge is pretty easy to earn, too - all you have to do is write a review of something, using the review feature (<URI:review.html>). Hope that helps! :3

2011-05-26 [There Is No Cure]: So many links! But thank you!

2013-04-29 [nehirwen]: It's a bit repetitive like this. :p

2013-04-29 [windowframe]: No idea how that happened.

2014-08-06 [windowframe]: Feel free to revert, anyone, but this page was still bugging me - still a bit of clusterfuck of links, so... I faffed. <_<

2014-08-06 [Stephen]: Looks better without the link spam.

xD You're so organized.

2014-08-06 [windowframe]: I am Super High School Level Wiki Meddler. :P

2014-08-06 [Stephen]: Meddle away. :D

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