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Welcome to the Elftown Prose Contest. If you can't follow the rhythm of poetry, or just like writing stories, this is the contest for you!


Contest Opens: 2011-05-02
Contest Closed: 2011-08-15

Theme: Horror

Moderators: [Nioniel] & [windowframe]


1 - Your entry must fit the theme of the contest. Entries which do not follow the theme will be disqualified and removed.

2 - No stealing literature. The entry MUST be written by you. If anyone is found to be stealing the work of others they will be disqualified from this and all future official written competitions.

3 - Old work is allowed. Old works are allowed in this contest, provided they have not already been submitted to another official Elftown Competition and fit the theme. If your work has been submitted in an unofficial competition, then you are still free to enter it here.

4 – No pornography or excessive violence. Use your common sense as to what would be acceptable and what not, but the crew's decision in this matter is final.

5 - Your story must be no fewer than 500 words and no more than 3000.

6 - You may submit one entry for this contest.

7 - Quality restrictions. If you want us to put effort into reading your work, put effort into writing it. Submissions with exceptionally bad spelling and/or grammar will be disqualified. If your writing isn't going to make the cut, we'll put a comment underneath the entry saying so.

8 - Queries. If you wish to discuss something about how the competition is run, or the rules, then please use the official competitions forum: <forum:Elftown contests>! If you wish to query whether a certain entry fits the theme, please do so before the deadline. However, if you wish to query whether an entry is stolen or breaks any other rules, you may still bring this up after the contest has closed.

What will we be expecting? Creativity & Originality!


Theme: Horror

Entries not following the theme will be removed.

Up to two stories will be picked out by the Literature Judges from all those presented.

Participants will receive green worm badges, and winners will receive a coloured version of the same.

<img:stuff/Worm2.gif> <img:stuff/Worm1.gif>


Contest Entries: Elftown Prose Contest 2011


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2011-05-06 [kians mummy]: sera, i never said it had to, i just said alot of them do have alot in

2011-05-07 [Marlene'Jacques]: sorry sammie

am typing up my story i wrote years ago at the tender age of 15 and can't believe my grammer back then! Atrocius is an understatement!!

2011-05-07 [Alexi Ice]: I'm in the process of brainstorming ^^

2011-05-07 [kians mummy]: lol, i know the feeling

2011-06-17 [Dark Side of the Moon]: oooh, horror is the theme! *rubs hands together* My nightmares are always the perfect inspiration for this. :) 

2011-06-17 [Karithina]: Haha that's how I reacted to the theme! It's a fantastic one :D I love hearing stories about people's nightmares, so please do~!

2011-06-23 [Priscilla Primkin]: Hope you don't mind; I cleaned up some of your grammar and syntax errors. If you want properly-written submissions, inspiration starts at home. Cheers!

2011-06-23 [Alexi Ice]: Your assistance is much appreciated ^^

2011-06-23 [Alexi Ice]: You should submit something to the competition, while your at it?

2011-06-23 [Priscilla Primkin]: I shall! Thanks for the encouragement.

2011-06-24 [Alexi Ice]: Not a problem! I can't wait to read your entry!

2011-06-30 [Priscilla Primkin]: You can read it now. Enjoy!

2011-07-28 [kians mummy]: I have a question, the daily poem badge is the same as these, so will the badge become colored or will it just say that I competed on this competition? :)

2011-07-28 [Alexi Ice]: In the case that you win, it will become colored. If not, depending on your number of submissions, you will get a badge phase or it will just say you competed until you get the next phase.

2011-07-28 [kians mummy]: Ok, thanks :)

2011-07-28 [Alexi Ice]: No problem ^^

2011-07-28 [windowframe]: I'd just like to point out that this badge is not, in fact, the same as the daily poem badge. :P Nor is any other badge on ET. If you win this contest, you will get the coloured bookworm badge shown above, and will not in any way change your Daily Poem badge.

2011-07-28 [Alexi Ice]: I feel stupid now. LOL. I didn't even look before responding. Fail. >.<

2011-07-29 [kians mummy]: What if I get the participants badge, that is what I meant?

2011-07-29 [windowframe]: Then you'll have a green participants badge for this contest. And it still won't affect your daily poem badge... If you've entered another writing contest, then your badge will upgrade as explained on Donors of Writing.

2011-07-29 [kians mummy]: Now I get you, thanks :~)

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