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Jitter's Elftowners& portraits

All rights reserved © Athena Leonti
This is not free art. If you're looking for images to decorate your houses and wikis see in Elftown graphics or Elftown graphics Jitterbug Perfume.


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<img100*0:stuff/%5bnehirwen%5d.jpg> [nehirwen]
Nehirwen :D
<img0*100:stuff/jittervorkje.jpg> [Teufelsweib]
<3 Vorkje <3
<img0*100:stuff/sunnynetjit.jpg> [Sunrose]
<img0*100:stuff/%5bKuruni%5d.jpg> [Kuruni]
<img0*100:stuff/%5bTeufelsweib%5d%26_Maria_Magdalena.jpg> [Teufelsweib]& Maria Magdalena
<img0*100:stuff/%5bKileaiya%5d.jpg> [Kileaiya]
Rest in Peace sweety.
<img0*100:stuff/%5bdayah%5d.jpg> [dayah]
<img0*100:stuff/%5bOcean_Soul%5d.jpg> [Ocean Soul]
<img0*100:stuff/nanouki.jpg> [Jitter]
<img0*100:stuff/%5bJitter%5d.gif> [Jitter]
<img0*100:stuff/kaimee-jitter-et-800.jpg> [Kaimee]


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2007-10-01 [Lothuriel]: These are all so nice!

2007-10-01 [Jitter]: Thank you :3

2007-10-01 [Teufelsweib]: MEEEEE!!! =p

2007-10-01 [Jitter]: Bwahahah xD

2008-07-07 [Iske]: wouw those are just awesome

2008-07-07 [Jitter]: Thanks :)

2008-10-11 [nehirwen]: <img:44166_1164903263.gif>

2008-10-11 [Jitter]: Bwiii :D I suppose you like it then? :D

2008-10-11 [nehirwen]: Of course I do!! ^^ :D

2008-10-11 [Jitter]: Weeee :D

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