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It's a well-known fact that Elftown is about the people who make it such a nice place to hang-around. However, it's a less known fact that it was originally about art. On Saint Valentine's Day, 2004, we decided to create a special contest and return to our origins. Therefore a special Saint Valentine's poetry/Saint Valentine's image competition is created every year.


St. Valentine Poetry Contest Winners

Saint Valentine's poem competition '04: [Askoga] & [Crimson_Echo]
Valentine Poetry Competition – 2005: [Rennie], [Skydancer], [Wolfling], [Toemi] & [Sunrose]
Valentine Poetry Competition '06: [I stabbith ye], [Cookieholic], [spiritee], [mesaana] & [Artsieladie]
Valentine Poetry Competition '07: [Anvikit], [Killopkie], [light.], [Cliché] & [thoughtfox]
Valentine Poetry Competition '08: [Artsieladie], [someelf], [Olwen], [End of Eternity] & [Merlin Mab]
Valentine Poetry Competition '09: [Chimes], [Acceber], [Linderel] & [Tickle Me Emo]
Valentine Poetry Competition '10: [Triola] & [Linderel]
Valentine Poetry Competition '11: [Chimes] & [Nioniel]
Valentine Poetry Competition '12: [Gastogh]
Valentine Poetry Competition '13: [jaguargal]
Valentine Poetry Competition '14: [CuteCommander]


The Saint Valentine Poetry Donors

One donation.


[!*Hippy*! ♥Marie♥]
[1/2 of richmonds punks]
[~*Darkness Covers My Heart*~]
[~*Lonely Wanderer*~]
[~*~Music Junkie~*~]
[~And the wind calls her Demona~]
[†Forgotten Agony†]


[Angelic Fruitcake]
[Apollo of Crowingblade]
[Araishi Arieu]
[Archeress of Mirkwood]
[Aries Undomna]
[Art squall]
[Aurora Of Moonblade]


[Black Adder]
[Dezirae Darkone]
[Blood Raven]
[Bloody Rainbow]


[Calico Tiger]
[Carol Lynn]
[Carpe Noctem]
[Cascading water lillies]
[Case Open]
[Cerulean Sins]
[Chaotix Palidien]
[Christina Loves Adam]
[circus snatch]
[Codename B]


[Daemon SaDiablo]
[Damond Only]
[Danse Macabre]
[Dark Mousy the Kaitou]
[Dark Necromancer]
[Dark Side of the Moon]
[dark cleric]
[darkness of death]
[dark star pegasus]
[Deadly Exposure]
[deleted memeber]
[Devil Wolf]
[---deleted account---]
[Dragon Wars]


[edheldae shadow-elf]


[Fetish Dolly Koneko™]
[Fifi McFu]
[Filfaere T'sarran]
[Fire fae]
[Free Spirit Wandering]


[Gaaras Girlfriend]


[hatter m]


[im so tired of pretendin]
[Intrigued Lover From Hell]
[Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]
[It isn't so bad here.]


[Julie the First!]
[Just Never]
[Justin Crow]




[Lady Chaos]
[Lady of Lore]
[Lexi. Short and Sweet!]
[Lithium Lullaby]
[little flag]


[Mistress of Marionettes]
[Misty Lady]
[moira hawthorne]
[Mortified Penguin]


[No Regrets - Only Hope]


[Ocean Dreaming]
[Ocean Soul]
[Once upon a dream]


[patient love.]
[Phoenix Tears]
[Piccolo Sorcio]


[Rikke Leonhart]
[Romanticized Intoxications]
[Ryuk Kannagi]


[Saba Nyx]
[Sam's Kitty]
[Silver Gypsy]
[Silver Moon]
[Sing for the moment]
[Skater Heiro]
[Snow White Queen]


[Tableau Vivant]
[Talos Cyrion]
[Tears fall like rain from the sky.]
[The Dark Lord]
[the loved wolf]
[The real life Bella Swan]
[the squeegee]
[This House is Deleted7]
[Thunder Cid]
[Tiny Suicide]
[Tragedy In Trend]


[Uncle Nath]




[wiccan commander 2525]
[wicked fae mage]
[Wuthering Heights]


[Ylaraniala Majere]
[Yoji Kudou]


Two donations.

[Aidan Ryuko]
[Anime Addiction]
[Captain Rachel Black]
[davis van]
[Elegy - gone]
[Just another heartache on my lips.]
[Priscilla Primkin]
[Raziel Ahnara]
[Running out of Time]
[Soul Guardian]
[Sweet Tatia]
[True, plain and simple]
[kians mummy]
Three donations.

[Heather Thomason]
[~Crimson Angel~]
[Morningstar Rising]
[Tranquil Insanity]
Four donations or winner.

[Alexi Ice]
[End of Eternity]
[I stabbith ye]
[Merlin Mab]
[Paul Doyle]
[Tickle Me Emo]


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2007-07-31 [Grandamelf]: What a long way you have com since 2004!
It was my son that told me of Elftown, when he gave me a computer in 2004! I am impressed!
:) Grandamelf

2007-07-31 [Linderel]: How random.

2013-01-29 [kians mummy]: Where am I on this, I have looked in my Guestbook and should be on here? :)

2013-01-29 [windowframe]: Flisky fixed that now. :)

But on an un-related note, I can't figure out what happened in the 'm' section. mummymagpie has never entered a contest, as far as I can see, (in the previous edit, that was the broken name - this is what ET decided that username should be when Flisky fixed it). So ET clearly picked the wrong name to go there, but I can't see what name *should* go there. As far as I can tell, no one who entered the contest the edit that broke that name was made has a badge missing. X_X

2013-01-29 [Flisky]: It was 'mum' before I fixed it...

2013-01-29 [windowframe]: I know, which is not anyone's username either, as far as I can tell. :/ It *might* have been at some point, but as I said, I checked the entry page for the contest for which that edit was made, and all the people there are present and accounted for. The year before, there is no one between Mort and Musicalfaerie so... Yeah. Confused. :/

2013-01-29 [Flisky]: It might have just been a typo thing...something that shouldn't even have been there?

Or...[kians mummy], what was your user name last year? I actually think it was mum...

2013-01-30 [windowframe]: Aaaand that would explain why she wasn't on the list then. X)

2013-01-30 [Flisky]: Yay!

2013-01-30 [kians mummy]: Oh yeah it was a long time ago ha ha, I totally forgot about that, hmmm sorry ha ha, I missed that part, I wish you could do like an automatic alphabet thing where the server auto corrects it and puts it in the right place as then there wouldn't be any hassle lol. :)

2013-03-11 [kians mummy]: Hi, I have donated two poems to here one in 2012 and another in 2013 but only have the: one donation badge. :)

2013-03-11 [Flisky]: The 2013 contest just closed and judging has not even started yet. So badging has not taken place.

2013-03-11 [kians mummy]: ok. :)

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