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MissiMaLy (hi!)

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Name: aLy m




[ I luff coffee ]

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~~ Yeah I guess I should update this more ~~
my myspace :

Personality: Hyper, Demented, Slightly Psychotic, Friendly, Creative, Hyper, Repetitive, Funny ((I like to think so)), Cool ((I need a jacket, care to lend??)), Hyper.

Interests: I <3 to take pictures, ppl say I’m good at it, but even if I wasn’t I still love to. So far just of other ppl, my digital doesn’t take good scenery pictures... note to self: tell all relatives and close friends to buy me better camera.
Other than pictures, writingz pretty awesome to me. I’ll write anything ((basically)) my first writing assignment in the 7th grade I wrote a story about a 30 year old going through a midlife crisis. Which ((as everyone knows)) involves living in an aquarium tank wearing nothing but boxers and a snorkel while avoiding the scubbadivers threatening to remove the poor man from his natural enviornment. There was a sequel involving rabid bunnies, but I won’t bore you...
I like to write poetry in between writing stories ((both funny, sad, happy, reflective, whatever. Writing has a lotta emotions, right??)) I’m decent...
I *can’t* draw to save my life. Don’t ask me to. I can draw eyes. Stick figures come out with missing elbows and feet, so I’ve been banned from the practice ;)

Me: Hello again [ its as you feared, i've updated again ] I'm Aly =) I'm 15 now, and I'm riding the highschool wave. It's kinda crazy but really not so much drama. Guess I've been lucky so far lolz! I'm taking a lotta advanced classes [ like adv. math, science, and spanish ] so it's hard to be on all the time to talk. But I do check my e-mail regularly (( like a few times a day )) and I do love to talk to otherz who are creatively inclined. So by all means, if your imagination brings you to me, go ahead and send a message =)
And for some other boring [ and non updated ] info about me:
I have a doggie, he’s pretty cute, his name is Snickers ((Snicker-bar Jordan Mansfield)) my friends say he’s fatt. He doesn’t like to hear that though, messes with his self-confidence yuh know?? Call him bootyful, he likes it much better.....
I live with my dad and I don’t know my other siblings and I don’t know my mom. But life is good ^_^ I have friends I would die for, the kind of ppl that say they wanna marry me and then set a date ;) Be jealous, be verrrry jealous

Other: I would <3 to talk to you. Really. Unless you’re a creep that’s gonna stalk me, I like to talk to anyone whose creative/interesting/crazy/wild/depressing/hyper/anything else lolz just send me a shout out. I <3 those. ^_^

~~Yeah that’s it ~~

** PS: I can speak a lil bit of spanish, but I'm only in Level 2 so it's not like I'm the expert. I try- and I'm always up to speak a lil to help me expand on the things I already know. But please don't expect prodigy here lolz **

~~Some Poems by me~~

Place i've found myself to be~
I'm praying to you Lord,
that your light will shine over me
All I ever wanted to be,
resides in you.

If I had it my way, I would be flying away,
to meet you up in the sky, so high up,
away from deceit, the lies.

So I'm putting my arms out and I'm climbing to the top ledge,
and I'm praying with all my heart,
just for another day

What other way to say, all these things so desperately,
spilling themselves over my head,
not hearing any words I've said,
I need you, yes I need you.

Lord inspire me to come down,
from this place in which I've found,
myself to be,
no this isn't me,
don't let this be me.

Just get me down from this place I've been found,
take me off of this ledge,
just another day...

My heart is aching,
from the thoughts raging inside
It's not his fault, it's not his fault
yet still I can't decide

I thought it was real,
it did, it felt so real,
so why can't I make up my mind
on what fate can't seem to seal.

No fate can't make this easy on me,
that would be too predictable
the choices still remain,
and in all endings I remain liable.

Why only now do I realize that his kisses can't take my breath away?
Am I just focusing too much on what fairy-tales should be?
I feel like all I'm doing is putting on a show for everyone else,
and my costume has sprung a leak for all to see.

There's a smear in my red lipstick
There's a rip in my sleeve,
Theres my conscious whispering the lines she wants me to speak,
but all I can do is stare wide-eyed all around me.

How did I get here?
It's like I've awakened from something dreamed,
and in it everything was beautiful,
but now that I've awakened I realize nothing is as it seemed.

I feel like running off the stage,
cutting out this scene,
but my feet will not move me,
so here I must remain.

To speak the words I don't wish to,
to finish the act for those entertained,
there seems only to be one question,
how should it end?

I could run away with the prince,
or I could choose to live an outlaw with the pirate,
I could shape my life around what he wants of me,
but I'm not sure that's what I want anymore.
Though he's never asked me to be,
I find myself changing myself ever more and more.

He's never asked me to change,
so it's not his fault, it's not his fault,
but things were never as they should've been,
not even from the start.

I want to trust that whatever will be, will be,
but something is telling me,
I am in charge of the play tell it's through,
I'm in the writer, the director, and the characters' shoes.

My heart is aching,
from the thoughts raging inside,
It's not his fault, it's not his fault,
yet still I can't decide.

((entered into the Valentine Poetry Competition))
My mind is full of these haunting ghosts,
remembering the way we used to be,
it's easy to see,
why zombie's never go willingly.
The chocolate kisses that were shared,
that feeling of falling up the stairs,
that flutter in your heart,
always at the start.
That time of firsts,
where everything is new and feels,
oh so good,
just picking up the phone makes you smile,
saying "I'll see you in a little while" never seems to come soon enough.
So why has winter frozen our souls?
The days drag on, but when your gone,
everything feels so right again.
Playing pretend,
won't get us anywhere,
but maybe just today,
this Valentine's Day,
we can go back.
Back, to memories.

((Also entered in the same contest))
Valentine's Day~
We had plans,
but instead I'm laying here just watching you sleep.
What could you be dreaming about so deep?
I envision magic carpets,or flying kites,
the octopuses are consorting with the gnomes again,
though I myself never thought gnomes could swim,
but this is your dream, not mine, so I'll let it go.
Am I close, am I right?
You open your eyes but don't remember,
so I just laugh and cuddle closer,
Tis the season,
why let the winter in?
When we could stay under the covers,
be like lovers, again,
I do love it when you smile,
it doses me like an addiction,
though the depiction, may not sound so sweet,
nothing can beat, how you look when your looking at me.
No place I'd rather be,
then staying wrapped up in covers with you,
after all, it only takes two.

Diggin' Deeper Down~
Summer wasn't quite as sweet,
as we both thought it would be,
the air was thick, threatening,
trying to warn you and me.

Oh but who needs approval,
when we've got each other now,
who would've thought we'd be our own shoval,
diggin deeper down.

Fall wasn't quite as great,
as we both thought it might be,
the leaves fell way too fast,
the colors were so empty.

Oh but, who needs to feel the chill,
when we've got each other now,
just take another pill,
and swallow.

Winter came awful fast,
and in a heartbeat love was gone,
frozen heart and emotions overcast,
my love, he's gone.

Oh but, who needed their approval,
when we both had each other then,
never thought we'd be our own shoval,
diggin deeper till the end.
Who needed their approval,
when we both had each other then,
Never thought,
No I never thought,
I never thought we'd be our own shoval,
diggin deeper down...

Buried six feet deep,
February's love proved deadly,
for him, my love, and me.

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My Winter formal dress for 07

Age: 15Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 11

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Halfling

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Height: 163

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