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Morningstar Rising (<img:img/mood/165963_1201995447.png> )

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To Roy Mcquoid A dear and loved friend.

R.I.P. 7/27/12

Many is the road we have traveled,
following the light that gives us faith.
You have graced us with your laughter,
You have graced us with your love,
You have graced us with your friendship,
Even though our paths in real life have never crossed.
We are proud to call you friend,
to embrace you with our love,
to laugh with you,
to cry with you,
until the very end.
May God keep you in his glory,
in our hearts you will always be.

Written by: [Morningstar Rising] 7/23/12

Song Of The Nightingale

A cry in the night, the Nightingale sings.
Her song of sorrow, so sad, so sweet.
Heard clear across the darkness, by the ears of the dead.
The living are oblivious, to her sweet soft cry.
Of the light that she sees, in the dead of the night.
The Nightingale sings, a warning to all.
The dead walk among us, in search of that light.
With her sweet song of sorrow,
She guides the dead through the dark.
Begging them to enter, the light of new life.
A cry in the night, the Nightingale sings.
Her sweet song of sorrow, for you and for me.
She waits in the darkness, to guide us back home.
To the light that we came from,
Full of love, full of hope.

Written by [Morningstar Rising] 3/5/12


Friendships come, friendships go.
Friends are made, friends are lost.
Love sometimes blooms then dies away,
It flourishes for just a day.

The sun fades bringing the night.
The moon glows bright across darkened skies.
The stars twinkle ever so bright,
Hiding your sorrow in the shadow of the night.

Cloaked in your grief you stand alone,
Facing the darkness consuming your soul,
You fight to live another day.
To meet the sun that warms your flesh,
To dry the tears that streak your face,
To carry on just one more day.

Friendships come, friendships go,
Friendships die each and every day.
Cherish your friends while they are here,
For tomorrow who knows if love will bloom another day.

Friendships come, Friendships go.
Each and every passing day.

Written by: MorningstarRising

Corridor Of Broken Hearts

the poem

Long dark endless corridor, stretching out for miles and miles.
Broken hearts float in the air, headed towards who knows where.
Shedded tears are all dried now, only streaks remain to tell the tale.
Of the hearts once full of love, now they are just empty shells.
Sorrow ripped them all apart, like ten thousand daggers through the heart.
Broken hearts that never mend, nightmares rise like flooding rains.
Thread lightly as you pass, for no heart here is safe.
Corridor of broken hearts, welcomes all with open arms.

Written by [Morningstar Rising] 2-09-10

Corridor Of Broken Hearts


Things Seen-Things Unseen

There was a little girl, that my sister once knew.
She died so young, what a tragedy.
So gifted is my sister, with sight you see.
Her eyes behold the truth, that no one wants to see.
The dead they walk among us, searching for the light.
Some have been here forever, I always wonder why.
As a child I saw things, that no child should ever see.
It frightened my a lot, but awaken I have been.
Death it comes for all of us, its a journey we must take.
From the very day we are born, with one foot inside the grave.
We are all strings upon a tapestry, those seen and those unseen.
That stretches out forever, towards the places our eyes cannot gleam.
People will tell you that its all just make believe.
The truth is that they fear, what their eyes refuse to see.

Written by [Morningstar Rising].



What If

What if I ran away:
Would that solve all the problems in my head?
What if the world stopped spinning:
Would we all just float away?
What if we never met:
Would our lives still be the same?
What if we had a child:
Would it grow up without any doubts?
What if, What if, What if?
Its the story or our lives.

Written by: [Morningstar Rising] 3/19/09




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What is an Artist to me.

An artist to me is someone who can look at the art of others and see the beauty in it.
To me art is like music, the colors are the notes, the strokes are the sounds, the finished art piece is the symphony.
Art is like life, it changes every day and with it so does our perspective of it.
Art is beauty, art is joy, art is sadness, art is pain, art is love, art is life.
That is what art is to me.

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