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Rendered this little beetle using the gradient mesh tool on illustrator.

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This means I am one of the Photographers,and one of the Halloween Photographers!

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<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg> Welcome to my house!!!<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg>

I have a name, however only the people I have listed below (way below) know it. For the rest of ya’ll, you can call me Shadowfire, or Shadow...I don’t really care. Anyway, Read on!!!


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg> THINGS I LOVE <img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg>

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327344.jpg> Pink

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327748.jpg> Singing

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327344.jpg> Performing

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327748.jpg> Piano (playing)

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327344.jpg> Poetry (writing and reading)

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327748.jpg> Foamy

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327344.jpg> White Ninja

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327748.jpg> Anime (inuyasha, full metal alchemist,bleach)

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327344.jpg> Boys!

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327748.jpg> Animals

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327344.jpg> Making up goofy songs with friends

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327748.jpg> Inside Jokes

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327344.jpg> Flip Flops

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327748.jpg> Being cold (temperature wise)

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327344.jpg> Winter

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327748.jpg> Ice skating

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327344.jpg> Painting

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327748.jpg> Art in general

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327344.jpg> My computer

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327748.jpg> My Camera

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327344.jpg> My amazing friends

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327748.jpg> Roleplaying

<img:img/drawing/44166_1097327344.jpg> Being Hyper



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg>A LITTLE ABOUT ME <img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg>

<img:stuff/star6.gif> I’m a girl

<img:stuff/star7.gif> I’m a fun-loving person, who likes to laugh and have a good time

<img:stuff/star6.gif> I’m random, and hard to follow sometimes

<img:stuff/star7.gif> I talk a lot, and will give you a full description of my day sometimes when you send just a “hi” message

<img:stuff/star6.gif> I talk very fast, luckily this is the computer so you can just read what I say...Woot for you!!

<img:stuff/star7.gif> I end sentences with the words “So, yeah” sometimes

<img:stuff/star6.gif> I’m not perfect, but I pretend to be

<img:stuff/star7.gif> I am not organized at all, and thrive on chaos

<img:stuff/star6.gif> I sometimes take things too literal, and it takes me a while to get some jokes

<img:stuff/star7.gif> I like to pick fights, most of the time I don’t win either, but an occasional argument is always fun!

<img:stuff/star6.gif> I am ditzy and hyper a lot of the time, so forgive me if I get annoying

<img:stuff/star7.gif> I have been known to exaggerate, but not always on purpose

<img:stuff/star6.gif> I can be a smartass, and also a perv

<img:stuff/star7.gif> I make up words, and use them frequently

<img:stuff/star6.gif> You can say anything to me, I’m not easily offended

<img:stuff/star7.gif> I never tell a secret, unless it involves (and could hurt) another person

<img:stuff/star6.gif> I’m easily distracted, and often get sidetracked

<img:stuff/star7.gif> I love being the center of attention

<img:stuff/star6.gif> I make a ton of typos, Sorry in advance

<img:stuff/star7.gif> I often repeat myself, so be patient with me

<img:stuff/star6.gif> I don’t cyber, it’s gross, and I don’t believe in Internet Dating (no offense Roxcie)

<img:stuff/star7.gif> I tend to talk about myself a lot, because that’s the subject I know best,

That’s enough for now...I can’t think of much else to put on there...but maybe there will be more...


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg> MY WIKI’S!!!<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg>

A list of wikis...I'm not gonna take the time to write bios for each people can not be lazy and go look at them yourselves lol...well some need some explanation so...oh just read ahead already lol...


*~*partypeopleunitedgym*~* *note:this is just a second page for the wiki above*

Dr pepper LOVERS united

hell’s inn

Inuyasha Club

kenzi rules! a fanclub for my bestest friend..though i don’t think she knows it exists lol...

Mood Pets

Pro-Pink army

rat lovers are us basically a story about my rats (which i no longer have)

ROSS-DOODLE Kenzi’s and my story about Our friend Ross’s life. It can be found in my diary if ya don’t want to go to the wiki...

Roxcie lovers

shadowfire club MY FANCLUB!!!!!

The Red Hibiscus A collection of kenzi’s truly awesome stories..I love them!

The World of Dragons

White Ninja Comic Fans


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg>MY MOST AMAZING FRIENDS!!!<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg>

Here's a list of the great people on elftown..I can almost guarentee I've forgotten somebody..oh well...if I have forgotten you just message me and tell me..I'll fix that asap! well here it is (in no order)

<img:stuff/kb.gif>[Miss.Kayree]-CARRIE!! OMG I totally love this chicky right here..she’s awesome..and she doesn’t like fact she hates do I...we’ve had some pretty fun convos together...and she’s the person who introduced me to Foamy and White Ninja..both of which I love...

<img:stuff/lb.gif>[black+white] -HANNAH!!! totally awesome chick right here...she’s great fun, random and kinda weird just like me..which is why we get along. She is a totally great roleplayer too!

<img:stuff/kb.gif>[The Black Cat in Your Path] This girl is an amazing writer and friend, definatly would have been the first person I thought of putting on this list, had I known her when I created it.

<img:stuff/lb.gif>[DarkAngel3] KIMMI I know her in real life too..I love her...even if she shoves lettuce in mah

<img:stuff/kb.gif>[An Eversor and Ender] THIS IS of my bestest friends, if not my abosolute best friend...there’s so much I could say about her...she changes her screen name almost as much as she changes her underwear lol j/m kenzi...oh well lol we get along so well, we’ve never fought, she gets my jokes even if they’re not that funny, she writes and draws awesomely, she’s helped me through a lot of junk and I tell her everything...that’s not even close what all I could say about her but I wanna keep this short so LOVE YA KENZ!!!

<img:stuff/lb.gif>[esperanza] KAREN!!! MWAH!! I LURVE YOU!!! Karen is yet another person I know in real life...she’s an awesome person and a great friend.

<img:stuff/kb.gif>[buy_me_a_rose] great person right here...I love the stories in her diary about her and the preps...they make me laugh, so do our convos...they’re great just like her!...sheep...

<img:stuff/lb.gif>[Lamb_of_God] chris..I know him in real life...he finds me very annoying...but he’s still kewl...and he’s great at hacky sack lol

<img:stuff/kb.gif>[code man] CODY!!! *pokes* I WIN!!! lol he’s great...know him in real life...I lurve him...he’s great...though he’s very quiet...*pokes again*

<img:stuff/lb.gif>[Caritas] Lizzie..she is kewl...and no...I don’t know her in real life...but oh well...she’s still pretty awesome!

<img:stuff/kb.gif>[~?Roxcie?~] This is of my bestest friends on E.T. She’s my twin sis!! Lol...not really but still. She’s very random and fun to talk to. She’s a great roleplayer and we always have fun when we chat...

<img:stuff/lb.gif>[A heartbroken fool] one of my newer friends, he’s very kewl and has given me some good advice...THANKS A TON I LURVE YOU!!

<img:stuff/kb.gif>[LaDy_DrAc] JEN JEN!!! Omg..this girl right her created my awesome fan club that I love muchly..just like her!!...she’s got very pretty eyes and I love them lol. We always have a great time when we chat, one of the things I love most about her lol


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg> A GREAT QUIZ BY ME!!!...and taken by Carrie!!<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg>

Here is a quiz that I wrote...I sent it to Carrie (mentioned above) via email and her response is below mine....


1) do you like pie? :
2) do you like monkies: yes....they are great
3) do you bamzoo?: not lately
4) would you save me money on car insurance: it's geico not gekko!
5) is cheese beautiful:...yes..but i prefer same species dating/marrages
6)do you watch t.v.? yes
7) do you wear clothes?: i'm a clothes wearing nudist!!!
8)does this quiz make sense in your brain: of course of course...
9) do you carry a lunchbox?: no...
10) do you have a life? if i did...would i be doing this?
11) does your name start with a j? YES!
12) do you have a crush? yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes *deep breath* YES!!!
13) do you believe in magic: yes
14) are you superstitious: home is haunted
15) are you bored? pretty much..
16) are you writing this quiz as you go along? how did you know...yes i am
17)do you drink powerade: yes...and gatorade
18) your mom: HOW DARE YOU!!!
19) are you random? yes
20) how many more questions do you think you could put on here: a few more...i'm running outta class time tho
21) do you have death theories? yes... for kimmi and karen...even thou i luvers them both to peices...death theory for kenzi coming up...
22) do you like poetry: yes..
23) do school compouters suck? yes...muchly
24) do you make up words and use them frequently? yes...
25) do you yahoo? ...*ahem* yes..i'm a yahooligan lol
26) do you frequently use chatspeak? yes lol
27) is the math sub staring at you creepily? yes28) do you have email? yes
29) do you enjoy quizes like this? only the ones i
30) do rubber duckies freaks you out: yes...of course when your best friend uses them to kill kinda haveta be
31) are you a girl? what you can't tell...
32) did you just run outta time in study hall: yes goodbye lol

CARRIE [Miss.Kayree]IS VERY KEWL AND DID IT ALSO...however..I wrote the quiz..but her answers make me laugh here is hers...

1) do you like pie? : of course. it's mutiny to not.. (Jade, i'll be having a chat with you.)
2) do you like monkies: of course!
3) do you bamzoo?: bamzoooooooooo..
4) would you save me money on car insurance: of course! i'd donate it to the BABAA! (Build A Bear Assassination Association)
5) is cheese beautiful: cute, maybe...
6)do you watch t.v.? from time to time..
7) do you wear clothes?: ha! ..of course not!
8)does this quiz make sense in your brain: in my brain! no.. my foot? ..yes...
9) do you carry a lunchbox?: everywhere!
10) do you have a life? if i did...would i be doing this?
11) does your name start with a j? YES!
12) do you have a crush? c'est possible
13) do you believe in magic: *hums the tune but can't remember the words..*
14) are you superstitious: indeedy
15) are you bored? of course.
16) are you writing this quiz as you go along? yes. using my time machine and my hypnosis. i'm back in time, and sitting on Jade's shoulder in Study Hall whispering in her ear.. telling her to write all this...
17)do you drink powerade: hahhaaha.. powerade.. oh, the hidden meanins...
18) your mom: my ass!
19) are you random? indeedydoodles. doodle. awesome word. doodle..
20) how many more questions do you think you could put on here: as many as it takes me to get to the end of this.
21) do you have death theories? yes. we used to plan out how certain people died if they weren't at school.
22) do you like poetry: some..
23) do school compouters suck? yes.. and apparentally their keyboards suck as well... "compouters" ..
24) do you make up words and use them frequently? shibba-wha?
25) do you yahoo? YAHOOOOOOO-oooo-OO!
26) do you frequently use chatspeak? lol, lyke, omg, nu!
27) is the math sub staring at you creepily? math sub. yes.. torpedos!
28) do you have email? i don't. O.O (JADE"S NOTE:the funny thing is the fact that she emailed it to me)
29) do you enjoy quizes like this? this was the most interesting yet..
30) do rubber duckies freaks you out: only a little.
31) are you a girl? i'm a man's man.
32) did you just run outta time in study hall: i have not the studieth du hall!


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg> What my friends think..of me!<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg>

"Totally awesome and strange chicky. Slightly outgoing, pretty outrageous, and completely random. (Also a fellow hater of Build-a-Bears). Should be loved by all, or face my squirrely wrath. ^^." -[Miss.Kayree]

"She is so awesome. she is so fun to talk to and she helps me out alot. she's a great friend. if anybody messes with her your messing with her evil demented twin sister!!!that is all ^_^."-[~?Roxcie?~]

"Jade asks me to do the strangest things sometimes, but I'll eat the dog food for you any time hun, She is Jade-the-not-so-green. weird ways, and energetic. don't be hatin! be's so good you lick other peoples feet just to feel nasty...henceforth normal.....><"-[An Eversor and Ender]


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg> My Mood Pet <img:img/drawing/18485_1102727163.jpg>

This is Hunter, My beloved Jauguar, from the wiki Mood-Pets

You can pet him, but beware He bites Here he is!!!(hint: Look down!)





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