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Aldalome (Been gone for +/- 5 years, is there anyone left? )

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Name: Kristien



Falling in the wrong direction

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Live with hope in your heart, and let your heart be open for the world

And welcome to my house.
Don’t bother whiping your feet;
I have a dirt floor anyway.
Just try not to bring to much water in;
I don’t like mud.

Please allow me to introduce myself, my real name can be found above, but I like Aldalóme better. I often leave out the ´ ant the ¨, because it makes the spelling easier. My name originates form the Quenya words: ‘Alda’ and ‘Lómë’, meaning ‘Tree’ and ‘Shadow’ in English. I have chosen this name for many reasons, and I am certain it fits me, in a way.

I am a 25 year old social worker, and i love to play boardgames and cardgames. Game of thrones, carcassonne, twilight imperium, cash and guns, you name it, I play it ( or I want to play it ;-) ) 
Besides that I am a volunteer with Dodentocht (a 100km march that is hosted in my hometown every year on the second friday of august, and that was originally started by my youthcentre)

I also love to read. I have dozen’s of books piled up in my room, mostly fantasy and children books, al lot of fairytales and legends, but also some classics and a bit more heavy stuff. On one bookshelf there is an Australia section. I love that country, although I have never been there. I hope that one day I might go there, but I fear that that is unlikely to happen.

I used to write poems, but I’ve stopped. At the moment I am only working on one poem, I hope it will bring closure.
letter to a dove

Besides that I only write for contests, because participating is fun. I can’t spell correctly not even in my own language: Dutch, Yes Dutch, not Flemish: Dutch. Flemish is, in my opinion, not a language. It’s more a variant on Dutch, with some different words. It’s like American and British English, those aren’t completely different languages either, or are they? Anyway, I should stop ranting about that subject. What I really wanted to find out was: “Anyone willing to be my personal human spelling checker? If so, please fill in your application. ^^”

Do you even have a clue
what you are supposed to do
when the world is falling
and so are you

I am a deadline junkie. I notice a contest on deadline day, I try to make something for the contest on deadline day, and I enter contest mostly just a couple of minutes before the end. It is rather stressful and unhealthy. I also tend to do this with my own homework, which is even more unhealthy.
Anyway, if you know about a contest where I might be interested in, let me know ^^!


aldalome's photography

In art we can find salvation. If there is no art, chocolat will do. If there is neither, we'll have insanity. Insanity can create art, but can't create chocolat.


Elftown is so Swéét, always full with little surprises, like the message comment last :
Message sent to ________. Elftown loves you and wants to hug you! (Unless this message was an insult or a chain message.) May you have a wonderful night!

So So Very Swéét!!!
I Love Elftown

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Age: 30Year of birth: 1987Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 28

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Halfling
Elftownworldmap 50°30.210'N 4°47.184'E

Place of living: Belgium

Town: Bornem; Antwerp

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Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Home-page URL: but I don't understand it at all. Someone help me?

Computer interests
information seekingmusicuse communities

folk musicgothnew age
progressive metalrock

Other interests
artboard gamesbooks
card gamescrime storiesdogs
theatreThe Town Heraldtravelling

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Height: 170

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