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InuzukaKiba (Fantasy Fight Arena)

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Name: Jake sn: sasuke61603


left to right: my dad, a guy i met in Jamaica his name is Garroth, and me


messin' with our camera

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This means that I am one of the Saint Valentine Poets and I am one of the Halloween Poets!

Elftown work
Building worker

Elftown titles and orders
BeggarStreet childAdventurer

i lived in transylevania for a while, until some dude chased me out i think his name was Van Hellsomething or other. so i barely escaped to Ireland. there were too many drunks there to stand, so i boarded my coffin, and set sails.

    eventually i got to Canada. i saw so many people there i started to like it there, but i got chased away by a mountee because i was suckin' blood from his horse. that made me really mad. so i headed south and ended up in the U.S. I started to hide the fact that i was a vampire and just said i was an elf.

     i had lots of fun and decided to just wander around the land. i came to elftown and realized that this place had more people like me and now i don't have to hide the fact that i'm a vampire. this place is great. i've made new friends and i'm unemployed. isn't life great?

     i lived in each place i'v been to for uuuuuummmmm...... about a good year, but those years just flew by like i plan to end my adventures and settle down here.

Name: Jake
Gender: a guy
Hobbies: listening to music
Age: 13
Nickname: i concider myself Jake king of Pepperjack, FEEL THE SPICINESS OF THE HOT CHEESE
friends: Hannah [Chiharu], Avery [rebav], Elaine [jumpy little pixie], Tiffany [Naughty Angel]


my crewmates: [Kai Crewger], [Cina], [Nuktae-tal], [Kyromanic], [kazeumi], and [Akayume]
and last but not least, our captain: [Thatz]

rp's i'm in:
Sky Castles
Pirate Senka
Towers of the Elements
Fall of the Ark Federation

wiki's i've made:
Kiba's fight Arena
Towers of the Elements

theses are poems i write for contests and stuff

Till the End of Time
i'll care for you till the end of time,
even though i might whine,
i might cry,
but as much as i try,
i'll try not to cry,
but if you leave me now,
i won't die,
but since you were a part of me,
i won't be able to feel my feet,
you said i swept you off your feet,
but now i see,
you aren't always what i need,
i found a new angle,
and a friend I call,
so in the end,
you helped me alot,
now is when i thank you,
we went different ways,
but from now on,
i will remember you,
for all my Valentine days.


i suck blood,
in the night,
even though,
they put up a fight,
i don't turn them loose or throw em' out,
my favorite part is when they pout,
you cannot see me in the dark,
your dog can't hear me and start to bark,
i'll get you when i want,
i'm up at night on the hunt,
so to this i bid you adue,
you won't ever see me,
but i will see you


they howl in the night,
and give you a fright.
they're around in winter,
in the snow,
beware the packs,
so you know.
if you see one,
there's always more,
so just run,
or hit the floor.
i tell you this,
so you'll beware,
i'm sorry if i did,
give you a scare.

My Angel

you're always there,
when i'm depressed,
i love your hair,
and all the rest.
you look the best.
I love your eyes, lips, and hair,
it makes me happy knowing you're there.
so to this, i must say,
"I'll love you no matter,
all of my days."

....... Madness.......
somewhere in the darkness,
crawled my madness,
it crept near the walls,
and down my school halls,
until it caught me,
then brought me to my knee,
and said,"come now, you know people flee,
when they see your rage,
but i have come,
to let you out of your cage,
i know what you crave,
let's see that rage,
people will run,
c'mon, it'll be fun,
and if anyone stands up to you,
only one thing will go through,


i'll be with you,
i'll miss you,
if there's one thing i'll do,
i'll always love you,
and ever that's what i'll do


I met you not too long ago,
as soon as i talked to you,
i knew so,
that you and i were a perfect match,
that our relationship was made to last,
i've told you time,
and time again,
i'll love you forever,
as long as i grin.

there's nothing i can do,
but think about you.
i love you with my heart,
mind, and soul.
i'll love you forever,
till we get old.
i wrote you this poem,
cause you gave me life,
i'll love you till the end of the world,
and for all of time.

intrests: video games, lots and lots of them!
Final Fantasy, all of them
downloading music and music videos
and the all time favorite: watching T.V.

the only wikis i'm in
<img:img/drawing/42501_1093983209.jpg> storm lovers united

<img:> most addicting game of all time

<img:img/photo/19424_1101764001.jpg> < to Cowboy Bebop

<img:img/drawing/13067_1102356652.jpg> best game series ever!!

<img:img/drawing/13067_1073630597.jpg> that's me all over

<img:img/drawing/82976_1105135750.jpg> i'm the one waiting for action

<img:> cause everyone loves anime


<img:> one of my favorite wiki's (apart from rp's)

Age: 24Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 8

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Orc
Elftownworldmap 40°39.996'N 89°40.998'W

Place of living: USA-Illinois

Town: Peoria

Known languages
Quenya (Tolkien language)Serbian

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: Yes

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesBasicchat
musicstrategy games

alternativeheavy metalhip hop
new agepunkreggae

Other interests
board gamescard gamescars
catschasing the preferred sexchess
religionrole playingsinging
watching sportwoodworkwriting

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 168

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