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Name: Adam


It's meh doggy, taken through the window in my door


The Archway to Eternity

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This means I'm one of the Donors of Writing, one of the Christmas Painters, one of the Saint Valentine Poets and one of the ET Artisans (winner of Halloween Costume Competition 2008)!

Elftown titles and orders

All may enter this house but few will stay...(there isn't enough room for everyone! The rest can make a tent in the back yard!) As you know something under construction can be quite hazardous so I ask people, please don a hard hat<img:> (Image is provided for those who are illiterate that wish to read this house. After all they gotta be safe as well!) before you begin your little stroll within this place called [Panophobia]'s House. My house will become more visually appealing, maybe even have some more pictures on it, once I get a faster internet service, oh and after I think of what to put upon it of course.

We all know that people don't like to read long descriptions, that's why I'm making mine as long as possible!

Then again, it'll be an interesting read, I promise.

How much do you know about the average Homo?
Please if you think homo means gay, leave now for your own good.

There are many things inside of my house, some may be similar to others, some you may never of seen before, but all of which is not copied from something else, it is all mine. Mine I tell you! Whahahah!

I will not say I am a unique or even an interesting person to talk to, because that’s for you to decide. What you think could be different from what someone else thinks. You’re opinion matters though. <poll:76808> Let your voice be heard!
(Yes that was just a freaking advertisement. :P)

Some day soon I'll have a wiki where I'll put my art work and photos! And that place will be right around here some where...
Just a friendly heads up before it actually happens! (That incomplete day has finally arrived!!!) Panophobic

"One would think that in a world where no two snow flakes are alike, that one would have a brilliant rhyme for each and every bit of time"-Clutch

A little about me and my interests, I like to draw a lot,, as well as sculpt, and now it seems I've developed somewhat of an affection for painting, though I still am getting better at them all! I've always got something in the works usually...Just depends ya know? Costumes are pretty fun to make as well. I also like to read as well. The Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy is one of my favorites! I’m interested in anime as well though only a few. There is only one I’ll mention I am into and that is the .hack// series! Woo!, I got a lot of stuff from this anime. I also play video games, but I don’t play them all too often. And yes one of them is guitar hero! Movies are all right, just not all that into them, same goes for music. Oh right I like to built computers and I know a lot about them too! Kinda want to become a PC repairman, but I don't know if that will happen...

What are my favorite bands you ask? Well...maybe you didn't ask, and that's why I'm not telling you. Same for movies and what not as well.

A tiny itty bitty paragraph about me.(That's all, a lot huh?)

Nah here is the real paragraph...or is it?

My name, in case you missed it is Adam. I’m tall (how tall? Look down at the bottom of my house…) and easy to get along with. (Short hair now by the way!) You may know me as the friendly giant. I no chew flesh off manling’s bones. :) If you choose to talk to me, you may say whatever you like to me, for I’ll say whatever I like back. For it matters not how you say it but er...why you say it? By the way, I'm very bad at talking, I rarely have a lot to say, and when I do it isn't very much. Wait a minute...if I rarely have a lot to say and when I do it's not much then how can I ever have a lot to say?!..."Good job Adam, there goes the pillars of reality." listening skills are quite exceptional.

Two folk of the dwarven race were having a conversation in a local pub after a hard days work, not knowing their lives were near an end. They were both drinking heavily drowning the days pains away, and as a result their speech had become slurred as well. This is what was said and what happened.

Dwarf one: ‘out do jey think we’ll be doin’ ‘ater on?
Dwarf two: Iunno, seem ‘ike to meh we’jl be doin’ ja’ sameding as todah!
Dwarf one: *hic* Shay, I dink you’ha ‘ad a ‘illte too much to drink der friend.
Dwarf two: Nonshencse, ‘m shay’n you’d had ‘oo mucha’ drink!

A burly orc had been listening to their conversation and increasingly angrier the more he heard them talk, so he walked over to where they were seat and proceeded in this manner

*Walks up, grabbing them both by the heads and bangs them together, rendering them unconscious then asks* “ARE YOU TWO MAKIN’ FUN OD DHEY WAY I SHPEAKS?!”

He then proceeded to bang their heads against the table for not answering him.


There's a lotta spaces in this part...

If you were to die (let’s hope not now), there is one thing you have to do (I am serious) here is exactly what you need to do when you die.


Enlightened? Goooood.

(Dramatization do not attempt. Cause we all know people will try it.)

Told ya there were a lot of them.

Someone once didn;t ask if I was happy. I never answered that I wasn't.

Come back whenever ye like, me doors will always be open.

That's all that lies within speak unto the owner to gain more insight as to who they are.

Owner isn't here though.
See the manager

The End. Seems a little less spectacular I know, give me some time, I'm still working on it. This ending will eventually blow your socks off and fold them!...And if you're not wearing for you.

Cause people are flawed, that's why they deserve another chance...

Age: 20Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 9

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Dwarf
Elftownworldmap 34°57.840'N 80°8.064'W

Place of living: USA-Virginia

Town: In a small little town that starts with B

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
artgraphicsinformation seeking
musicstrategy gamesWindows

jazzprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
board gamesbookscard games

Sexual preference: none

Body shape: normal

Height: 196

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