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Adventures for Dreaming in Gears

We will be playing the game on this page. Once we have enough characters generated and accepted, we'll begin.


1. The Sky Is Falling

Dreaming in Gears
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2011-12-26 [Earoluim]: About how many characters do we need ?

2011-12-26 [Avaz]: You only need one, but you're free to come up with as many as you like, if you're willing to play them all.

2012-03-04 [Avaz]: I was wondering: Do you guys find the maps to be helpful, or am I just making more unnecessary work for myself?

2012-03-04 [Flisky]: Very helpful. Describing things only goes so far.

2012-03-04 [Avaz]: I figured that might be the case. I suspect the boys also feel the same way.

The only problem with me making them is that I can only do it from work during the week (I don't have access to the program at home or during the weekends).

2012-03-04 [Lord Josmar]: Yea that is what I am worried about with my d and d campaign is that I cant make maps.

2012-03-04 [Avaz]: It seems to be going pretty well so far, I think.

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