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Place your DIG character sheets here, using the following sample format. The numbers aren't accurate, they merely display a sample. This was ported from the official Character Sheet and Rulebook PDFs, which you will need to reference to calculate here:
Character Sheet -
Rulebook -

Alternately, you can simply upload an image of your character sheet directly here. The choice is yours. Keep in mind that this method, while being quite more thorough, will require frequent adjustment of numbers as play progresses.

Note: The Character Sheet requires a small terminology update: "Boons" and "Perks" are the same thing. And "Traits" and "Mannerisms" are the same. I will get around to changing the character sheet to reflect this soon.

Character Name: Dr. Sample Sampleton by [Sample Sampleton]
Level: 2
Description: A short, balding man in his 40's and walks with a limp favoring his left leg. He has an affinity for finely-crafted walking canes, and never goes anywhere without his lucky pocketwatch.
Primary Stats:

Secondary Stats:
HPACSpeedCrit ChanceHeal RateHP per level

Tagged Skills: Close Range Weapons: Melee 45%, Piloting 32%, Gambling 41%
Mannerism: Heavy Handed
Effect: +4 melee damage per attack, but -10% Critical Chance
Boons: Die Hard
Effect: If HP drops below 20% of maximum, gain +5 AC until HP goes up above 20%.
Inventory Slots: 9/14
Equipped: (1) walking cane, (5) leather armor, (1) heavy belt with 4 pouches, (0) $36
Carrying: (2/4) Belt with pouches: (1) pocketwatch, (1) book of matches

Character Name: Jimmie "The Bug" by [Lord Josmar]
Level: 2
Description: A young, lively fellow with a hint of stubble face and bright, energetic blue eyes. His clothing would give someone the impression of an out of work newsboy with a ratty brown trench coat to keep out the weather. He favors three things in life: Gambling, Guns, and Cigarettes though not specifically in that order.
Primary Stats:

Secondary Stats:
HPACSpeedCrit ChanceHeal RateHP per level

Tagged Skills: Mechanics: 34%, Firearms: 51%, Gambling: 44%
Mannerism: Small Frame
Effect: +1 to AGI but carrying capacity is calculated as 15xSTR
Boons: Awareness
Effect: Know enemy's speed, HP, weapon/armor condition.
Inventory Slots: 9/18
Equipped: (0) Slacks, shirt, (1) Backpack, (2) PK9 Sidearm, (1) Switchblade
Carrying: (5/10) Backpack: (2) Magic Box, (1) book of matches, (1) box of compression slugs (13 left), (0) $56, (1) Medic Kit

Character Name:FoalBerne "Bear" Meldoon by [Earoluim]
Level: 1
Primary Stats:

Secondary Stats:
HPACSpeedCrit ChanceHeal RateHP per level

Tagged Skills: Close Range Weapons: Melee 48%, Acrobatics 36%,Mechanics: 31%
Mannerism: One Hander
Effect: +10% accuracy with one handed weapons or spells, but -30% to all two handed weapons or if both hands have spells equipped.
Inventory Slots: 28/29
Equipped: (0) Slacks, shirt, watch, (1) Backpack, (6) Captain's Ornamental Attire ((1) skullcap, (1) light belt, (1) pouch, (1) holster, (2) saber), (4) 2 police batons, (2) PK9 Sidearm, (1) Bandolier, (4) Padded Overcoat
Carrying: (8/10) Backpack: (1) police baton, (3) police outfits, (2) rusty, empty PK9, (1) shirt, (1) velvet dress
(2/5) Bandolier: (1) police badge, (1) pens and letter opener, (0) $6
(1/1 gun) Captain's Holster: empty PK9 Sidearm

Character Name: Tria Dzidzich by [Flisky]
Level: 2
Description: Small and lithe, Tria is in many ways a very invisible girl. Barely out of her teenage years, she dresses in loose fitting skirts and shirts, her long white blond hair braided, her blue eyes clear. She is pale skinned and very thin.
Primary Stats:

Secondary Stats:
HPACSpeedCrit ChanceHeal RateHP per level

Tagged Skills: Elemental Harmony 45%, Concentration 41%, Stealth 36%
Mannerism: Gifted
Effect: +1 to every primary statistic, but -10% to every skill and -5 SPL.
Boons: Iron Stomach
Effect: Poison immunity.
Inventory Slots: 7/10
Equipped: (3) heavy leather apron, (1) cast iron pan (3d4), (2) magic box
Carrying: (1) butcher knife (3d3+1)

Character Name: Drake "Lucky" Evanshaw [Koho Ai]
Level: 2
Description: Drake is a tall but muscular man who stands at 6'7" and weighs about 230lbs. His blond hair is of medium length and he has a scar under his left eye from a brawl that he participated in. His outfits consists of two black linen t-shirts (normal clothes he is only wearing one of them) and two sets of red and black shorts (pugilist shorts). He also has a pair of Black Leather Skirmisher boots (Normal boots for brawling in).

Primary Stats:

Secondary Stats:
HPACSpeedCrit ChanceHeal RateHP per level

Tagged Skills: Close Range Weapons: Unarmed 62%, Healing 45%, Athletics 40%
Feature: Rugged Skin
Effect: +5 AC, but Heal Rate is 1 regardless of END, and all Medic Kits heal you for half their normal amount.
Boons: Die Hard
Effect: If HP drops below 20% of maximum, gain +5 AC until HP goes up above 20%. (When Hp=9 or under Drake's AC=18)
Inventory Slots: 7/26
Equipped: (0) Shorts and boots, (1) Backpack
Carrying: (6/10) Backpack: (2) 2 Boxes of Matches, (2) 2 shirts, (1) shorts, (1) Spiked Knuckles (3d4+3)

Dreaming in Gears
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2012-06-15 [Earoluim]: ok , Thank you.

2012-06-16 [Lord Josmar]: WooT!

2012-07-19 [Avaz]: Jimmie (and everyone else, really) needs to calculate inventory slots. But jimmie in particular is affected, since the text for Small Frame has changed slightly. :)

2012-07-19 [Koho Ai]: Isn't sharpshooter a lvl 6 boon if i'm not mistaken.

2012-07-19 [Avaz]: Correct. You guys should be looking at the first ten Boons on page 44, for level 2.

2012-07-19 [Avaz]: I'd be inclined to say two boxes of matches can take up a single slot together. They're small enough. :)

2012-07-19 [Koho Ai]: Okay XD

2012-07-19 [Earoluim]: Do my primary stats increase at all?

2012-07-19 [Avaz]: Primary stats don't increase, but you can change them around if you like. This will be the only time you (the whole group) will be allowed to do that, since this is a special circumstance, so make sure you're happy with what you have.

Your skills go up though.

2012-07-19 [Earoluim]: I was rereading the skills and I cannot find the smithing anymore, so I was thinking about changing it to Mechanics based on what you and I talked about in pm.

2012-07-23 [Avaz]: Just like I said in the message, Smithing was changed to Crafting. And you can swap out for Mechanics. Not sure why you're repeating it though :)

2012-08-13 [Lord Josmar]: The only Boon I meet the prerequisites for is Awareness.

2012-08-13 [Avaz]: I'm giving you guys the option of fudging numbers around, if you want to accommodate a different Boon.

2012-08-13 [Lord Josmar]: Nah, would feel like cheating.

2012-08-13 [Avaz]: Considering I changed SO many things between the alpha and beta versions.. I wouldn't consider it cheating. Besides, the reason I'm letting everyone do this is precisely because so much changed. Otherwise, it'd stay the same.

For what it's worth, don't underestimate Awareness, man. Every time I'd play Fallout 2, Awareness was the first thing I'd go for. Just sayin'.

2012-08-13 [Avaz]: A note to everyone: If you're confused as to why some items have 0 slots, it's because I realized that normal clothes you're wearing shouldn't count toward your maximum inventory slot count. Armor you wear counts because it's bulkier and heavier. Also, if you are carrying clothes, but not wearing it, it takes up a slot.

This should explain some of the possible indiscrepancies you might think you see - It's not. :) I'll be writing this exception into the next version, 1.02.

2012-08-13 [Lord Josmar]: True, also some of the abilities that I wanted I can't get till lvl 6 or 7. I don't know if I would want to mess with my character's stats. I'd be to afraid that I would make my character worse.

2012-08-13 [Avaz]: No sweat, sounds good. 6 thru 8 are intentionally the "sweet spot" levels for Boons. :D And, of course 10.

2012-08-13 [Lord Josmar]: All I got to do is get the whole inventory slot thing figured out and then Jimmy is good to go.

2012-08-14 [Avaz]: Simple. You get a maximum slot value of STR x 2. Every item you have on you gets a slot value assigned to them based on their general size and weight. Larger and heavier things take up more inventory slots, natch. You can increase your maximum inventory by carrying bags, backpacks, pouches, that sort of thing.

Caveat: If you're wearing clothes, they take up 0 slots, but if you're carrying them in a bag or something, they take up whatever slot value they have (usually 1).

Does that clear it up? :)

2012-08-14 [Lord Josmar]: Yea, I believe so.

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