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Dryads come from Greek mythology and are female spirits of nature that preside over the forests. A dryad is born with a certain tree species and a particular tree, which she watches over. If the tree is destroyed then the Dryad perishes along side the tree. Dryads punish mortals that somehow damage the trees.


Dryads (truly the Sylvan Dryads of most material realm forests) are only one race of this member of the Faerie Racesand Fae Races.

Fehrmi Dryad:
In Tearra Réhm, in the southern region known as Crima (two territories called Boro and Xiuuola - west and east of the Criman Bay), is naturally found the Fehrmi Tree. This eccentric and elaborately-grown plant is a beauty, even before one knows of the legend of it potentially becoming a real fae, a walking Dryad known as the Fehrmi. Occasionally (on a rare occasion) a sapling purchased in Tearra Réhm will find its way across the great Blue Ocean to some other land, and it will fruit into a fae child on its 9,999th day of life. Sometimes the tree stays behind, grounded where it sits, as the child walks for days or weeks, getting accustomed to its home.
Often, the tree vanishes when the dryad has grown into a young woman or man, and the dryad often becomes determined to journey in the name of a particular cause, or perhaps none at all, if only to leave their current lifestyle.
If a tree (now a large, mature version of its previous self) is placed in a very protected, well cared-for, peaceful place, the Fehrmi will occasionally leave it where it is. This is rare at best, and must be under the scrutiny of many details unbeknowngst to anyone but the Fehrmi. This tribe of dryad typically takes their tree-form with them in some form of vanishing trick that many believe is a planar ability, though it is completely inherent and extraordinary ability.

Fehrmi still need sunlight, water, breathable air and some form of nutrition, though they have been known to brave the worst of possible case scenarios. Death is not one of the highest fears on their priority list for some unknown reason.

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