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Air elementals are swift and agile creatures they appear as amorphous shifting clouds. Darker parts of the swirling mass give the form of eyes and mouth. Air elementals attack swiftly; they can form tornados and whirlwinds to lift its target into the air then dropping it from a height.


Earth elementals are strong and tough by nature, they are all brawn. Their appearance often resembles a stone humanoid, its colour and toughness depend on what sort of earth rock was used to summon the elemental. Earth elementals are slow and smash their targets to bits they also have earthquake attacks to damage the target.


Fire elementals are fast and agile; they are like a fiery humanoid or a sheet of flame. They can set objects alight with their touch. Fire elementals are weak against water attacks. They attack their targets either physically touching its target or by launching balls of fire at them.


Water elementals appear as a ferocious wave, they are often powerful and ferocious elements. Water elementals can't venture very far away from a water source. Water elementals attack firstly by drenching their target this is very effective at damaging fire based creatures. The second attack is using a vortices or whirlpools to drown creatures underwater assuming that the creature is an air breathing organism.


Ice Elementals are swift and powerful creatures, they appear as humanoids made of solid ice. They attack with a chill attack that drains the life out of the target. They also can attack with spears of ice that it can fire at its target. Ice elementals are weak against fire attacks as they melt away into a pool of water.

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