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2004-07-12 14:21:19
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Eyriens are a form of humans. Their appearance is as widely varied as humans come, with the addition of bat-like wings on their backs. The color of the wings hasn't really been described much, so I guess artistic license is allowed. I would say anywhere from blue-green to dark red. Nothing too obvious, because Eyriens tend to want to blend into their surroundings. They do fly, it's something they love to do. Any situation that requires them to lay on their back makes them feel restricted, and they can panic. The males are usually warriors; they fight with sticks (which, as the name suggests, are sticks, sometimes with a blade embedded in the side of the end, sort of like a sword with a wooden cover) and longbows. The females traditionally were the homemakers, but recently, they too have been learning the sticks and bow. They have to use a strap, usually made of leather or a heavy duty cloth to wrap their chests to prevent injury from the bowstring reverb. Their names can tell you what gender they are; the males' names end in -ar and the females' names end in -ian. 
Distant cousins to the Eyrien have many similar characteristics, differences being that their women have always learned to be warriors alongside the men, their names don't carry the traditional endings, and thier coloring tends to be more neutral (red, brown, dirty blonde hair and light colored, partially metallic eyes) as opposed to the Eyrien's dark (black, dark brown hair and darker eyes like brown and dark green and dark blue). Since they are virtually the same in appearance, they have also been called Eyriens, for the sake of simplicity.
Both of these races can live to be 2000, which is approximately 80 in normal human years.
from Ann Bishop's Dark Jewels


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2004-02-19 [Angel Dreamer]: i'm going to assume these are anne bishop's eyriens, from her 'jewels' books

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