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Welcome to the guided tour centre in Elftown! Here you can find tours around Elftown, made by other members. You can also make your own tour. Just create a new wiki page for it and add a link to it from this page. See the wiki_intro for information on how to make a wiki page.

Please add your tour to the end of this page, and check that the page still looks good after you've edited it. Don't add empty or unfinished tours, as that looks bad! Write the whole tour first, then add it to this page.

Do not edit other people's tours. If you don't like the tours you find, you can make your own tour!


-Newbie Tour
New to Elftown and confused? Take the Newbie Tour around Elftown and see some highlights of Elftown!
Made by [peura]

-Wiki-ing Tour
Are you interested in Roleplaying? Here is the Wiki-ing tour for those interested in using the wikis for some roleplaying.
Made by [Hhoal]

-Tal_Anduril's Tour
Another wiki RP tour
Made by [Tal Anduril]

-Book Worm Tour
A wiki to guide for all the book worms out there. This tour will take you to links to the popular and not so known places that promote books, reading, and writing.
Made by [pegasus1000]

-Elftown Animated Tour
A flash presentation detailing the various sections of Elftown, including the Mainstreet, your House, the wiki-pages, forums, and more. It is currently under construction.
Made by [True, plain and simple]


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