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Pseudo HTML

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learn how to do those here!

Elftown - Rules

Everything that you'll need to know to stay out of trouble!

Wiki Help

Here you can find help pages specifically for Elftown's
Wikis. The wikis can be used for anything from hosting your own contest to role-playing.

How Do I?

These pages answer your burning questions about how to do x, y, or z.

Elftown Guides

Some manuals for Elftown and its many features.


Ask friendly people your questions about
how to use Elftown here.

<forum:Elftown, newbie questions>

This is a forum for where new users can ask
questions about how Elftown works.

<forum:Elftown, Bugs>

If Elftown is not working properly, please report it here so that it can be fixed. 


Other Help

<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Complete Newbie ET Guide - Extensive step-by-step guide of Elftown.
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Elftown Manual - Covers the navigation bar.
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Help In Other Languages - Just in case you find it easier understand in your native language.
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Forum Hints - Gives tips on what may seem to be a very confusing set of forums!
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> About the Main Street Features - explains how the different features on Main Street run.

General Information

<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Elftown - What is Elftown about?
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> FAQ - The official Elftown FAQ
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> The Badge Reward System - Extensive explanation of how you can earn each existing official badge.
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Official Elftown Pages - An explanation of what makes a wiki official.
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Artistic Nudity Warnings - How to get a warning for your house if you are displaying artistic nudity.

Advanced Help

<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Elftownstylesheets - A Helpful guide to building your own stylesheet.
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Elftown Technology - All about the technology we use to run this place.
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Template Help - A guide to the use of templates on the Elftown wiki.
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Adware - A wiki that explains having adware/spyware on your computer and what you can do about it.

Copyright Issues:

Thanks goes to [Rondel] for her essays on copyright issues.

<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Copyright and Intellectual Property
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Copyright Alternatives and Copylefting
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Copyright / Intellectual Property Links


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2011-11-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Here's your wiki without the *100 if you'd rather just copy and paste it instead of going through and removing everything yourself: nikart!

2011-11-10 [Friendly with Trolls]: Thanks so much guys! I sure am rotten at technology! Thanks especially Mortified Penguin for fixing it right up for me :)

2012-05-29 [Nymph_Goddess]: how do i shut down elftown account

2012-05-29 [wicked fae mage]: You can't. All accounts will always exist. You can simply stop using it.

2012-05-30 [kians mummy]: I suggest deleting your pictures, description and everything on it so then it looks like your gone to. :)

2013-05-09 [bigbutt]: All of my pictures are gone. Im so sad.. How can I get them back?

2014-09-14 [dark child 13]: Years ago it was not in my account, and now we are no longer pictures. Is there any way to recover them?

2014-09-15 [kians mummy]: Not butting in [windowframe] just giving [bigbutt] advice, if you go to your notes, your wikis should be on there as well as all your pictures, this is same for you as well [dark child 13].

2014-09-15 [Flisky]: Years ago the uploader didn't put them on wikis. It had a separate place to put uploaded pictures. So that might not actually work.

2014-09-15 [kians mummy]: True and I do remember a while ago the server went down and took a lot of members pictures with it.

2015-07-21 [~Valkyrie~]: I can't find the proper page for this question so I suppose I will see if anyone here can point me in the right direction. I have a friend who created an account more than a week ago and he says he hasn't gotten the confirmation email. Is there a page I can go to or someone I can message to see about getting him set up.

2015-08-22 [kians mummy]: speak to one of the Guards or maybe the Council [Stephen] may be best for this though, :)

2015-08-22 [~Valkyrie~]: Thanks

2015-08-22 [kians mummy]: You're welcome.

2015-08-23 [Mortified Penguin]: *You're, Sammie.

2018-01-17 [Vi0L3Nt_Li35]: I have an old/ancient account that I'm unable to recover. I had to enact a new one and would like to know if there's somehow a way of re-enabling that past account or transferring its status to my new one.

2020-03-21 [cortexius]: I'm trying to log in to my old fake account. Cant get in and reset password emails aren't coming to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know this elftown but allot of the same crew runs both places.

2020-03-22 [Mortified Penguin]: What's your username on Fake?

2020-03-24 [cortexius]: Closing account#9

2020-03-24 [cortexius]: If you could message me privately about how to get access to my account that would be greatly appreciated.

2022-02-05 [Sunrose]: I forgot how half the things work around here, so annoying..

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