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2009-03-24 07:22:18
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Hands photo reference - Pictures of hands

These photos are free for any kind of usage. That means that you can use them for reference, include them in your drawing tutorial, put them on your Reference pictures site or use them for photo manipulations.

All the 25 photos are made by [Hedda] and it's [Hedda]'s and Mange's hands.
Handshake with two male hands.
Handshake from above
Handshake from below
Armwrestling hands.
Bent armwrestling hands
Armwrestling over the top sort of... I'm no expert, so maybe it's not correct.
Armwrestling grip from above
Hands grabbing
Part of hands grabbing...
Hands grabbing from the side.
Left hand holding right hand in a nice girly way...
And the same from a different side
Finger-pulling with the long finger.
Hands gripping arms
Hands strangling [Hedda].
Hand knot.
Tied hands from above.

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/ [Hedda]

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2010-05-16 valerie: ha these r cool! 1st one put o good use!

2010-10-12 YOU: YAY THANKYOU

2011-04-30 Lidia: With the bases loaded you srtcuk us out with that answer!

2011-04-30 Micheal: IJWTS wow! Why can't I think of thgins like that?

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