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The Photo Reference Bosses are those who look after the running of the EPRM and Reference Pictures and keep track of the Reference Photographers.

If you have reference photos you want to submit, please do so at Reference Pictures submissions.


The Photo Reference Bosses

Illustrious -
(This feature will be maintained by the Council until new bosses are selected.)

Veteran Bosses: Veterans#Photo Reference Bosses


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2010-08-26 [sweet.tx.tea]: Woot! :D

2010-09-07 [Nite_Owl]: omg this badge is adorable! :D

2010-10-06 [Nioniel]: :)

2010-10-06 [Lothuriel]: <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>Isn't it?

2011-04-19 [Cillamoon]: Blast you trainee mode! XD

2011-06-10 [Karithina]: I'd like to give many many thanks to all of you that maintain the EPRM and Reference Pictures wikis. I just got back from (yet another) walk into and through a new place I'd normally never go - that I went just to take more reference pictures.

I find myself exploring so much more of every city I visit (or live in) because of this Wiki, than if there had been "no reason" for me to wander around. My reference pictures are by far not the best, but the fun I have taking them is always wonderful :)

2011-06-10 [Nioniel]: You are so very welcome, and we truly appreciate your contribution to helping us expand our ever-growing collection of Reference Pictures!

2011-06-10 [Cillamoon]: That's awesome :)

2011-06-17 [Lothuriel]: You are welcome!

2011-06-25 [Mystin]: After much time and consideration, I have come to the conclusion that it is in my best interest to apologize for breaking the uploading art rules in blatantly representing the work of others as my own. I did in fact steal pictures on the internet in attempts to "up" my reference badge because I felt like I needed the credibility to be considered for council. I am deeply shamed by my actions as of late and I know it was extremely wrong to the real photographers to take their work and use it for personal gain without a signed release. I also know that no good deed goes unpunished and I'm able an willing to accept that punishment. However, before you all decide my fate, please let me tell you that I am incredibly sorry and I can promise you if you give me a chance, I will never make the same mistake. I have done a lot in seven years and I don't want to leave on the terms of a ban. I have a lot more to do here if we can get past this mistake. It was a mistake and I shouldn't have done it. I can however assure you that all of my graphics are made by me, not including the character bullet/divider. I have gone above and beyond to do great things here but this time I hit a new low. A low I wish I could undo. I know there are no right words to say for stealing but I'm sorry. My attitude has been poor and my actions regrettable. I do not want to get banned because I do love Elftown and I'm truly, very sorry. Thank you for reading.

2011-08-19 [kians mummy]: Does anyone need a hand on here? :)

2011-08-19 [Chimes]: We're all good for now but thank you for asking. :) Though we could always do with more images. :)

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