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The Realms of Lemire

By [Duredhel]



Banners by [Sturmi]

Lemire is a world of fantasy and wonders. Many times ravaged by greed and war. Now peace seems to have a chance at last. But could it be that this is only the calm before the storm? Some say the war of Corruption has ended.... some say it has just begun.

Races of Lemire

The history and characteristics of the descendants of the elder race.

Classes in Lemire

The different jobs you can take in Lemire.

The world thus far...

History of Lemire so far.

Maps of the Realms

Maps of the world of Lemire.

Rules of Lemire

Required reading. Basic gameplay rules of Lemire.

Lemirian Art

Art based on the world of Lemire.

Characters of the Realms

Characters of the Realms of Lemire.


Frequently Asked Questions! Before asking [Duredhel] anything, check here first.

Forth to Lemire

Realms of Lemire finally started!!

Realms of Lemire Arena

For an alternate version of RoL.

Lemirian Art Contest

New! Go now!!

Role Playing for Dummies! a MUST SEE for every Lemirian.
Check out The Essential Chat!

Any question about the Realms just send me a message and i'll be happy to answer them.

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2010-03-14 [Duredhel]: Ah, Veltz has a point XD. Well, it's a Roleplaying game :/. Which was pretty popular a while back, and now we're doing a small revival over in Lemirian Tactics and that's what's going on on it.

2010-03-15 [yamisango]: oh ok

2010-04-13 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: I'm dying to get back in RoL. Its the roleplaying still happening?

2010-04-13 [Duredhel]: Unfortunately, no :(. We've got lemirian tactics going. Which is like RoL with a bigger scope. You can join that if you'd like :3

2010-04-13 [Lepellier]: Hrm...Dang...I was going to see if you'd revive a single group for RoL. I'd love to play some oldschool RoL.

2010-04-14 [Duredhel]: Uhhm.. well we could... though I wanted to focus on LT. Do we have enough players though?

2010-04-14 [Lepellier]: Well, here's two, and I bet Roma and Veltzeh would be in...

2010-04-14 [Duredhel]: Dunno about Veltz, really... if you guys get me the 5 players for a party, I'll make one.

2010-04-14 [Lepellier]: Alright, looks like I get to go searching!

2010-04-14 [Duredhel]: Check maybe with Roma, Sturms and Ixel

2010-04-14 [Lepellier]: Got them, save for Ixel.

2010-04-14 [Duredhel]: She plays in xmen RP

2010-04-14 [Lepellier]: yup, I saw. Sent a message to her about it. now I'm waiting on replies.

2010-04-14 [Lepellier]: Well, so far, we have [Roma] and [Sturmi] both as yes' as well. Just one more then.

2010-04-14 [Lepellier]: Oh, and [Ms. Steel] said she was a definate maybe.

2010-04-14 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: I wanted in!!! Don't forget about me!!!

2010-04-14 [Lepellier]: I added you with out naming you, sorry. You were one of the 4 that we already have.

2010-04-14 [Lepellier]: Just got a yes from [Veltzeh] as well, so there's 5. Looks we have an active party once more!

2010-04-14 [Duredhel]: o< ok ok, gotcha, we'll be using the new RoL Rules thought. I'll open a wiki page to discuss character making and the setting we're gonna use later today.

2010-04-14 [Lepellier]: Alright, sounds good. Also, what new rules? I'm guessing I know these and just aren't thinking about them.

2010-04-15 [Duredhel]: Yer using them in LT. Also, lep, get all the players you gathered here -> RoL - Test Party

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