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Rules for submitting:

1. The photographs MUST have been created by YOU.
If you submit images of a person that is not you, you MUST have a signed full release before you can put their image in such a resource.

3. Blurry images as well as very small and grainy pictures will not be accepted.

4. Images that you submit here will be considered public domain.
If you don't want the images to be public domain, but for example use creative commons license, then the wiki or the photos have to be clearly marked as such. (Non-free images will only count as 1/10 of a free images for the photograph badges.)

Users are encouraged to link back to this wiki-page and credit the creator of the things they are using. This is not essential. Other than that it is absolutely free to use these images.

5. Upload your Photographs to Elftown.
The images must be uploaded to Elftown. To upload directly to the wiki you need priv (privilege) 99. Ask by commenting here or on privs and you'll generally get it. However, because Stock Photographers usually upload photos by the bulk, it is generally better to use the "Upload a Folder of Images" feature located on your house.
This feature allows you to upload one, multiple images or zip-files in their original size to a wikipage.
Once you click this link you can follow the instructions. See also uploading images.

6. Remember to follow the Uploading Art Rules.
If you are unsure, ask one of the Photo Reference Bosses.

7. Formatting
Please place ALL photos you wish to submit into a wiki with a related name to the photos you're submitting. All photos should be high-quality. Please place your submissions onto this page using this format:

Username: Wiki : Image Count

Obey other Elftown rules. For example it mustn't be offensive, made for spreading hatred and other obvious things.

The Photo Reference Bosses will help you get your page tip-top, merged with others, split, linked to, more commented and what ever is appropriate.


Feel free to comment on this wiki-page with your questions!
See also: Elftown Photo Reference Marathon
Go or return to: Reference Pictures


 Place links to your photo-page here, separating your submissions from other submitters' submissions with the <hr> tag:


Username (or number or email):


2011-08-13 [Lord Josmar]: Wow. Makes it sound like you're just giving them away!

2011-08-13 [Nioniel]: Seems like a fair trade to me. :P

2011-08-25 [Lothuriel]: Thank you [Ravendust]! I have added your fishies to Fish Reference Pictures! Your donation of 70 new pics also earned you the next phase of the cutest badge in Elftown!

2011-09-26 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Okay, I need help, haha. I use to be good at this and now I feel plain dumb. I have like 50 ish photos for different categories. I have my own little wiki Mary's Reference Wiki that I was planning on adding the photos in then submitting the 'new' photos that I haven't submitted here, to this wiki. I have the images uploaded to Mary's Temporary Reference and Mary's Temporary Reference 2. Those are all the new ones I plan on submitting.

I need to know if I can upload the pictures in one wiki, move them to another wiki and still have the 'box' for the photo. Sorry and thanks in advance! ;-;

2011-09-27 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: I figured it out. Thanks anyway! I'll post when I have it all updated. =]

2011-11-11 [Stephen]: They're all taken with my phone, so it's not amazing quality.

2011-11-11 [Nioniel]: [Stephen_]; most of your photos have been added (some were not due to poor quality), your count has been updated, and so has your badge!

2011-11-11 [Stephen]: Thanks! :)

I figured some of 'em wouldn't be usable. xD

2012-01-19 [Ravendust]: I have a question... I want to do a baby reference page... Some of which take place pretty soon after birth- nothing graphic... Worst thing you see is the cord attached to the baby's belly button... These photos were taken by my husband and mother... I'm wondering if I could use them in the reference photos in a folder dedicated to the growth of an infant (from birth to 7 months at this point). I know I, myself, have wanted to draw babies in the past, and couldn't ever really find good reference images... And I've noticed there really aren't any baby photos, either...

Another question- everyone in the photos (except me when I manage to either get a picture of myself or have one taken of me) are family (and doctors) none of which are elftowners... I've been given permission to use the images- nothing written at this point... Do I need to find a way to do that?

2012-01-19 [Nioniel]: That sounds like a great idea for reference images.

I think that as long as they're family and friends, and you have their permission, you wouldn't need a model-release form. Are you very sure about the doctor(s), though, that they're fine with having their image used in any way by anyone? Of course, you could always note on the page that the images are not to be used to depict, violence, sexual themes, hate, etc.

2012-01-19 [Ravendust]: I'm not 100% on the doctors, but putting the note on the page sounds like a great idea. Thanks, I'll get working on getting the images up :)

2012-01-19 [Lord Josmar]: If you create a baby reference photo wiki let me know and I can submit a few hundred photos, lol.

2012-01-19 [Ravendust]: I've got quite a few too, I've been waiting for the folder to upload for a while! lol, getting it formatted now :)

2012-01-20 [Lord Josmar]: I gotta get the photos on my computer first then I can upload them. Probably gonna do it later when the kids are asleep.

2012-02-28 [Nioniel]: [Ravendust]; your photos have been added, your count has been updated, and so has your badge!

2012-10-15 [Lord Josmar]: I'm having trouble uploading some photos, but as soon as I get them done, I will put them up here.

2012-10-16 [Stephen]: I'm starting to really like the Upload a Folder option in the house. xD

I don't know if I'm supposed to have an exact subject -- I just generally take pictures of things I find interesting on my walks outside with my phone. It gives me some level of motivation to go outside and wander around, other than doing it just to do it, I guess. *shrug*

Hopefully the random nature pictures work -- they should be good enough quality. They're much nicer than my old phone's quality. ^^

2012-10-16 [Stephen]: Oh, I reworded this line:
"Although because Stock Photographers usually uploaded by the bulk it is better to use the "Upload a Folder of Images" feature that is shown on your house."

to this:
"However, because Stock Photographers usually upload photos by the bulk, it is generally better to use the "Upload a Folder of Images" feature located on your house."

Hopefully no one minds. The first line didn't make very much sense.

2014-08-30 [Nioniel]: [Lord Josmar], your photos have been added and your count has been updated!

2014-08-30 [Nioniel]: [Stephen], your photos have been added and your count has been updated!

2014-08-30 [Nioniel]: [Dezmond], your photos have been added, your count has been updated and you now have a new badge!

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