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The Shur

Information about the Shur, a subrace of the Drow

The Shur are a deadly crossbreed of Drow and Demons. They are commanders and magicians of the highest order and hold no Drow as their master. They consider only the gods themselves their equal or better.
They are considered by surface dwellers, the few that survive encounters with them, to be plain touched like the Aasimar and Thiefling are.

(Source: The Complete Guide of the Drow)

The Shur are beyond the word vain, even more so than ye-random-Drow. They are ambitious and will not let anything stand in their way to achieve what they want: be it going to the toilet or world domination.
They also, like most Drow, delight in their better-than-thou attitude and fancy noble-looking clothing and gear. And much like their demonkin they delight in distruction and bloody chaos.

Their appearance is much more variable than that of Drow. Though most Shur sport the obsidian/darkgray skin of the Drow. Though really, any fancy combination between a Drow and Demon is possible. Often resulting in monsterously tall humanoids with wings and horns, fangs and claws.
Their hair and eyecolor is variable, though it is most likely to be that of one of their parents or a combination between both.

Relations with other Races:
They have a general better-than-thou attitude towards everything and everybody. They only see the gods themselves as their equals, or better.
They take orders from no one but themselves and will ignore everybody that tries to tell them what to do. (if they do not kill the individual slowly and painfully)

Society and leadership:
Their society is much like that of their demonkin: utter chaos. Those that are the strongest, the vilest and the cunniest rule their ranks, be they male or female or something in between.

Language and Names:
Most Shur speak both their abbyssal tongue and that of the Drow. And some communities of Shur are known to develop their own dialect between both.
Names and such are often a combination of demon and Drow names mingled together to form one nasty combination. With nicknames such as 'the Bloody' or 'the Dread' being more than common.

Shur are medium-sized with a base speed of 30ft if on foot and 60ft if they can fly.

Shur are immune to sleep, poison and electricity spells and effects and have a +2 bonus racial saving trow against Enchantment spells and effects.

Shur of have a cold, fire and acid resistance of 20

Shur can communicate telepathically with any creature within a 100ft that has a language

Shur receive a +2 bonus to Bluff, Hide, Search and Spot checks

Lightblindness: abrupt exposure to bright light gives a -1 cercumstance penalty.

Their favored class is the Black Guard (fallen Paladin, or so I've heard)

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Races of Renown: Plot & Poison and The Complete Guide to the Drow and some things I remember from reading in sources I forgot.

These are drawings I made of two of my Shur characters,
I've put them here for people to see what you can do with this subrace. But please, I made them with lots of pain and sweat, leave them here and do not copy, modify or destribute them without my explicit approval!
(click the image for a larger vision)

(Drawings copyrighted to [Linn Scarlett])

The first is Malaggar Anvar, he's the lord of the Shur in a ruin near Gor-gornoth. As you might be able to see he's a crossbreed between a Drow and a Balor. Making him roughly 6 feet tall, if not more. He's also known as Malaggar the Dread or The Dread One.
The second is Linnerial Morriganna Baerne-Idrill. She is my own character and the character I roleplay most. She's a crossbreed between a Drow (the Archmage Ilharn) and a Succubus. Though as you can see, she has none of the wings and talons. This was a fling of nature, giving her the traits and seductive powers of a succubus without making her look different than any other Drow woman. Well maybe she's a bitt more round in shape than ye-average-drow-woman. But still. The combined last name is because she's married to Meldor Istorra Idrill, the High Warlord and monarch of Gor-gornoth.

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2006-03-09 [xido]: nice.... make sure this is added to the CL too.. ;)

2006-03-09 [Linn Scarlett]: I already did smartpants :p

2006-05-05 [xido]: ;) Cool. Hey, you might want to post where you got that image above from... otherwise, it might be major copyright infringement. Are the two others your own? I like them all, but better make sure they are labeled well enough, so no one can raise a fuss about them. ;)

2006-05-05 [Linn Scarlett]: I didnt say the somewhhere the other one is from the Complete Guide to the Drow O.O' slacky me

2006-05-09 [xido]: Awesome, thanks Linn. ;)  And, for the record, those images that you made... are... HOT! I am amazed (not easy to do). XD x.o)

2006-05-09 [Linn Scarlett]: *blushes* thank you, I have a lot of Shur characters so be ready for more

2006-07-02 [xido]: wonderful. I am prepared. ;)

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