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Done by [Willow Rose]




In a great and ancient forest, in the middle of a clearing, is a large tower made of gems that shine with an inner light, with an enchantment of protection upon it.The inhabitants wear blue robes with arcane runes on the hem.This is the Tower of Seletar.

NOTE! This section must be looked at by new players!
~~Guide to the Tower of Seletar~~

~~The Rules of Seletar~~

~~The Seletar Story~~

~~Seletar Races~~

~~Different Classes~~

~~Deities of Seletar~~

~~Tower of Seletar's Player List~~

add your character's name @ that link.

~~Seletar Notices:~~

~~Special Thanks To~~

~~Seletar Chat Room~~

~~Npc Page~~

~~Semedia: Dragon Knights~~

The Tower of Seletar's Characters

More Players

Evil Characters

Neutral Characters

More Good Characters

~RP Rooms:~

The Hall of Seletar
The Grounds of Seletar
The City of Dowen
The Woods of Semedia
Claw Rift Mountains
Semedia: Dragon Knights
The Northern Caves
The Cursed Woods of Admore


Please place your requests below in the comment boxes Deities of Seletar


Semedia: Dragon Knights

The Expansion


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I've created something new

Marie's Dwelling

2009-07-30 [Ravendust]: I can't remember where my charries are, been a while :-[ I may just throw them helter skelter in somewhere... but where?

2009-08-01 [Silver Moon]: you can throw them in. It's up to you but I think one of them was are Dowen farm. I have so many posts I am trying to keep track of it gets hard...sorry.

2009-08-02 [Ravendust]: I understand completely.

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2013-01-27 [Kbird]: PLEASE TAKE MY POLL!!I'm Silver's sis and the poll has to do with Silver!!!XO

2013-03-30 [Lirerial]: Where is my character? I don't remember her name lol

2013-03-30 [Silver Moon]: Shade was one...

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