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~Cuckoo Cocoa Bird~

Amigurumi fanart. Cuckoo Cocoa Bird belongs to [Hendercrazy] and originates from his cartoon: Spazznik

Next up: WIP of an repaint


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2010-05-18 [Pnelma Tirian]: This looks awesome. I love the symbolism and the nice blue design at the top--sort of watery and pebbly at the same time. I would try making a .png of it and deleting the background completely to see how it looks hovering in space.

2010-05-19 [arthemis_]: That's a great idea!

2010-05-20 [The Dizzy Raven]: I personally think it's very interesting. :) It sparks curiousity to a great deal. What inspired you, if it's ok for me to ask?

2010-05-20 [Falx]: Where to begin... I like how the water from above the eye sort of melds into the eyelashes and tears. Not sure if you did this on purpose, but I like how the eye subtly resembles a fish.

2010-05-20 [pegasus1000]: I am not sure how I would rate this one. It reminds me of a rainy Thursday. I am somewhere between wanting you to make it more realistic of an eye and wanting you to take it further into the abstract. I do like how it seems to precipitate and evaporate at the same time.

2010-05-21 [arthemis_]: Yeah, I did that on purpose [Falx] :) I have something with fish/eye or eye/fish. I once made a painting of an aquarium full of eye/fish.
My inspiration was the theme of the contest: Eye-window to your soul. I imagined a window in front of an eye and went from there. I then added the tears and added the water above the eye to make the piece more balanced. As for the sunset in the pupil, I wanted to repeat the orange/brown somewhere in the piece so it wouldn't stand out as much.
I didn't won the contest, and I think I'm going to take this piece further, baring your comments in mind, at a later time.

2010-05-31 [arthemis_]: For those who uses the box on the right with changed wikipages for seeing if there is an update... UPDATE :)

2010-05-31 [Yncke]: It looks really great! :D

2010-05-31 [Pnelma Tirian]: Holy crap. That is hella adorable. Huge props.

2010-05-31 [Daisy_Sandybanks]: Props indeed! You did an awesome job creating it. :)

2010-06-01 [Falx]: Oh, my! That is so cute! Love the little button eyes!

2010-06-01 [arthemis_]: Thank you all so much :D *feeling proud*

2010-06-01 [Chel.]: Cute!!! More angles would be cool! :3

2010-06-01 [Hendercrazy]: Hey... you did a really great job on capturing the Cuckoo Coacoa bird! :D Thanks so much! My first Spazznik related fanart!!! :D I'll definitely have to make a fan page now! ;)

2010-06-02 [The Dizzy Raven]: Adorable bird ^_^ so cute

2010-06-02 [NOOOPE]: That is sweet. You could totally make some dough making those.

2010-06-02 [arthemis_]: Thanks :)

2010-06-06 [pegasus1000]: At first I thought it was a turkey so I was saying "Awww How cute" and then "Mmmmm Dinner" I must really be hungry. It is very cute.

2010-06-07 [organicparadox]: that's adorable. awesome tribute art to derek, he must be so honored:)

2010-10-01 [Ravendust]: totally adorable critter, well done :)

2011-10-26 [pegasus1000]: Tap... Tap...

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