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Premise: Spazznik is an energetic new recruit foot soldier for the noble family of Strongheart. The only problem is he's been assigned to guard duty on the outer wall of the city.

Welcome to the official wiki of Spazznik! :)

The Spazznik comic you see below is a slowly developing and thrown together product (basically, when I have extra time to spare) of an experimental journey I'm embarking on in both comical writing and cartoony artwork that is set in a world with both medieval and high fantasy themes. Prepare yourself for the snowballing effect of classic boredom and pure wackiness launched by a catapult of adventure and mayhem! :)

- Derek "Hendercrazy" Henderson

Latest News!!!
Spazznik finally moves forward at an amazing slow pace! Woohoo! :P

Newest Spazznik comic!!!

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Volume 1, Episode 3

Spazznik Archive: Read Spazznik from the beginning!

Spazznik Volume 0 (Introduction to Spazznik)
Spazznik Volume 1

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2009-11-22 [Hendercrazy]: Thanks and welcome [arthemis_]! :) I've been extremly busy with other art... but I do hope to get back to this at some point!

2009-11-23 [organicparadox]: we lurkers are an ever patient bunch...

2009-11-25 [arthemis_]: hihi, right you are [organicparadox]!

2010-03-30 [*Phoenix*]: Very nice comic!! I "fan"! :0]

2010-03-30 [Hendercrazy]: Thanks and welcome aboard [*Phoenix*]! :) I've finally begun coloring the next strip! :P

2010-03-30 [Yncke]: Yay! Looking forward to that, [Hendercrazy].

2010-03-30 [*Phoenix*]: Coolio!

2010-04-08 [Hendercrazy]: Spazznik faithful... lettering is the only thing left that now stands between you and viewing fun! :D Should be up really late tonight or early Thursday morning. ;)

2010-04-08 [XxTsomexX]: yaaaaaaaay!!!!!

2010-04-08 [Hendercrazy]: New episode is now in da wiki! *breakdances* :D

2010-04-08 [Yncke]: Whii! :)
Spazznik has found a partner in conversation. Nice! :)

2010-04-08 [nehirwen]: Awesome! xD

2010-04-08 [arthemis_]: Still busy making my fanart :D It's going to be a crocheted doll :D 

2010-04-13 [Hendercrazy]: Yes he has [Yncke]! :P

Looking forward to the first Spazznik fancraft [arthemis_]! :D

Again, thanks to all for be so dedicated to ol' Spazz and being incredibly patient with me on updates.

2010-04-18 [Hendercrazy]: I'm going to begin getting back to penciling Spazznik on a little bit more of a regular basis... namely during my lunches and breaks at work. :) Probably won't mean a crazy amount of updates or anything... but at least Spazznik won't be sitting here frozen in time. :D ;)

2010-05-15 [Hendercrazy]: Minor update: Episode 4 is moving along... slowwwly... but it's moving. ;) Getting closer to the halfway point of finalizing the art. Admittedly, much of my physical energy has really been getting sucked away by my day jobs and my creative energy has been rather focused towards my art prints (see Art of Derek Henderson for details). :)

2010-05-31 [arthemis_]: There it is: my fanart!!!! Voila Arthemis_ I hope you like it :D

2010-06-01 [Hendercrazy]: Awesome... going to look right now! :)

2012-07-09 [XxTsomexX]: Miss this </3

2012-07-09 [Paul Doyle]: Me too . . .

2012-09-10 [Nocturnaliss]: I'd like to say me three. I enjoyed Spazznik, and I know he had really cool ideas planned for this comic. At least, a couple of years ago.

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