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*Phoenix* (<img:img/mood/44166_1164903273.gif> )

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Name: April

Photo missing.


Magic's in the Air

I drew this picture and didn't have a clue what to do with the background. Then I met our new exchange student Yifan, and she's from China! She showed me how to write "magic" in Chinese and I used that as the background! I then didn't want to make it too shadowy with shading and stuff so I outlined it in Sharpies.

I've also updated my website so check it out at:

Elftown work


So, I'm definitely thinking of leaving ET. If you want to follow me and my art do so via DeviantART: If you really want to keep in touch with me some other way, let me know or else I'm gone for good...


HI! ^_^

I have myself a website now! Yipee!
Check it out!

Because I want to use my website more, I will not be updating my art here, unless it's for a contest. Sorry. Go check it out!!

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I believe in the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. I also believe that Jesus Christ came to Earth, was brutally tortured, died on the cross for our sins, and rose again on the third day to give us salvation. I will not go raving on and on about heaven, hell, and all things God related if you message me, BUT I do warn you not to go screwing around and calling me names for loving my God. You can think that all you want, but as soon as you go saying it, I will not be Miss Nicey for very long. Thank you and have a nice time checking out the rest of my house.
The Christian Gathering
~Random Christian Stories and Poems~


I love fantasy and science fiction. It is my life. I am not the most popular in the class, but I don't care. People may not like me but they think my art is good and they want to see more of it. My goal is to impress people who normally don't care for fantasy and science fiction to want to came back and see more of my work again. I hope I have inspired you to challenge yourself. Be who you want and bring other along for the journey.

I couldn't live without my music, drawing pad, and a good book!

I really really really love frogs...*hopidy*

NOTE* I am a very joking person and sometimes totally random. If you can't take being teased don't message me....You have been warned....


Thanks to [XxTsomexX] for the picture!!! Just visit her Sketch Shop to request something of your own! I totally want my hair like that now! ^^
Made by [wicked fae mage] Thanks so much! It's awesome!


Wiki of wikis!

All my wikis! More just for me to be organized but feel free to look around!

For my art, poems, and stories check out:

April's Photos

April's Characters

Thoughts, Ponderings, and other random stuff



Pics are Clickable!

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Rosario Dreams
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"Well -- it's just that you seem to be laboring under the delusion that I am going to -- what is the phrase? -- come quietly. I am afraid I am not going to come quietly at all, Cornelius. I have absolutely no intention of being sent to Azkaban. I could break out, of course -- but what a waste of time, and frankly, I can think of a whole host of things I would rather be doing." ~Dumbledore~~Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


"In the end, it mattered not that you could not close your mind. It was your heart that saved you." ~Dumbledore~~Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


*2008-08-17 [Imperator]: She claims to haunt this committee but I don't have a Ghost-Buster 3000...
*2008-08-17 [*Phoenix*]: I do!! *hands it over* I don't think it works though.....
*2008-08-17 [Imperator]: *Ghost-Buster coughs, splutters, and dies* Um... Maybe a simple net will work? But it should be made out of silver fire cord.
*2008-08-17 [windowframe]: Simple nets catch simple things. But for specific things you need specific nets. Like you need an ethernet to catch the ether bunny.
*2008-08-17 [*Phoenix*]: hmmm....don't have one of those....I've got a Spongebob catches dust.....
2008-08-17 [Imperator]: Exactly [windowframe]. All I need is a simple net to catch a simple thing. Oooooooooo! BURN! You got oil-lamped!
HA HA HA HA! Spongebob! Have you seen the episode where he tries to start a dust collection with a tiny jelly-fishing net?
*2008-08-17 [windowframe]: I would be lying if I said I didn't see that coming. :P But I decided to give you an opportunity even you couldn't miss.
*2008-08-17 [*Phoenix*]: YES!! Oil-lamped? that's awesome!
nope....I just thought of that off the top of my O.O that's wierd....
*2008-08-17 [Imperator]: Awwwww c'mon [windowframe]! You can't give me burn opportunities! That's cheap and takes out the thrill of the hunt...
It's like being "torched" but instead of a torch it's an oil-lamp! :D I've decided you have a supernatural connection with Bikini Bottom...

[YAY! I have a supernatural connection with Bikini Bottom! Woot!]

~♥[]♥~we are all idiots committee


BYE!! <(^.^)>

Thanks for stopping by.
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Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 6

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf

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Place of living: USA-Michigan

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Sexual preference: opposite sex

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