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An Elftown Fantasy Wiki!

Affiliated with: Elftown_Welcoming-Committee
Indexed under: Welcoming_Guestbook-Messages

Welcome to Elftown's Welcoming GB Message Image Submissions' Page!

The guidelines and format for submitting:
Welcome to the wiki-page for the guestbook message "image" submissions. Any Elftown member may
submit images here for the purpose of using them within the welcoming messages to be sent to the new
members as they are welcomed to our Elftown Community via the guestbook message system.

All images MUST BE UPLOADED to Elftown! To upload full-size images to Elftown:
       <img:> ~ OPTION #1: Click on the button shown at the top of your house: 'Upload a folder of images'.
       <img:> ~ OPTION #2: Click on <URL:upload_zip.html> to upload one, multiple images, or zip-files in their
         original size to a wiki-page.
       <img:> ~ See also: Uploading images.

Images must NOT be stolen and/or used without the proper permission! All art submissions MUST BE
the art OF THE SUBMITTER. Copyright infringement will not be tolerated! The wiki-page for the record
keeping of infringers: Welcoming_GBM-Image-Copyright-Infringers.

For photo and photo manipulations, ONLY photos from Reference Pictures may be used. There is a
wide variety to select from and growing all the time AND all are FREE TO USE for any reason.
       <img:> ~ NOTE #1: If you really want to use a photo or photos of your own, then submit it/them to
         Reference Pictures. Once approved there, it/they may then be used here.
       <img:> ~ NOTE #2: When using photos from Reference Pictures, please add the wiki-page link(s) with
         your submission and also include the page version number within the link each reference picture
         can be found on. The reason being: sometimes things are moved from one wiki-page to another.
         Example: A wiki-page link WITH the page version # placed after "wiki" inside the brackets:
         [Flower Garden@wiki2] = Flower Garden 2 => the "Flower Garden wiki", page version 2.

Please keep in mind these images are to be used for "welcoming new members". We therefore, want
them to be just this, "welcoming". Any images we feel do not fit this agenda, will then be removed, and
placed on Welcoming_GBM-Image-Submissions-Rejected. Images moved over to the rejections' page
though, won't necessarily mean they can't be used. They may just need some modifications/adjustments
made and then re-submitted here, below. If the rejected images aren't re-submitted, ALL EXCEPT THOSE
CLASSIFIED UNDER "COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT", with the modifications made as recommended by the
reason or reasons given for rejection, in a reasonable amount of time, say about a month, they will then
be moved to an archive sub-page listed on Welcoming_GBM-Images-Rejected-Archived.

There is a specific size to be adhered to, which is 500w x 500h, so they may be displayed neatly and
evenly on the display page, Welcoming_GBM-Content-Images, or pages, should more be needed for this
purpose. At this time, this size seems to be a size that is not too awfully large and should also offer ample
room for text to be added legibly if needed. NOTE: Some adjustments may be made with these guidelines,
as this project irons out any unforeseen wrinkles, once it begins its full scale operation.

Accepted images will be moved to Welcoming_GBM-Content-Images, then removed from the area for
submissions below. Artists of accepted submissions will receive a badge and their names shall be added
to Welcoming_Artists. Badges will be available soon.

To submit, please follow these simple guidelines (re-capped), using the format displayed, in the
designated submissions' area at the bottom of this page:

<img:> ~ MUST BE 500w x 500h!
      <img:> ~ LINE 1: #) - username
      <img:> ~ LINE 2: IMAGE
         This line may be repeated as needed.
      <img:> ~ LINE 4: <hr>

Any questions may be asked in the comment section below at the bottom of this wiki-page.


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    <img:> ~ Welcoming-Committee_Personnel
<img:> ~ Welcoming-Committee_Sign-up
<img:> ~ Welcoming_Guestbook-Messages*

* = Return to.

                                               Affiliated Sub-links:                                              

<img:> ~ Welcoming_GBM-Content-Guidelines
<img:> ~ Welcoming_GBM-Content-Images
<img:> ~ Welcoming_GBM-Content-Texts
<img:> ~ Welcoming_GBM-Image-Copyright-Infringers
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<img:> ~ Welcoming_GBM-Image-Submissions-Rejected

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Welcoming Guestbook Message Image Submissions

Example format:
0) - (username)
(image here: (<img:"image-name-here">)
(Reference Pictures' link with page version # or N/A here):

Submissions begin here:
1) -

Username (or number or email):


Your name: Write MA here:

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