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Zardras characters

All characters © [Zardra]

Zardra's boys and girls

This is a wiki dedicated to all of my boys and girls ^_^
(my characters)

I have so many pics of them that if I put them all to my house, its full of them, so here they are :-D

[Warning: *** might contain FULL FRONTAL MALE nudity***]

Lady's first ^_^

My first character ever. She is dear to me although I dont draw her that much anymore. Danayala is Salvadors lover and the mother of their daughter Mistriny. She is a sun-elf and a blacksmith
Name: Danayala
Race: sun elf
Age: about 1600 years
Height: 176 cm
Hair: gold, wavy, long
Eye colour: gold
Personality: happy, laughs often, loving, brave
Usual clothes: golden armour
Other: has gold-dragon blood in her. She was raised by the silver dragons and her "brother" is a dragon too (Diar)


Shaya is my vampire girl. She has gone trough a lot! She is somewhat evil, but just as her own adorable vampire self. Shaya is the little sister of Sajore (half sister, they have the same father but Shaya's mother is an elf when Sajore's mother is a vampire).
Name: Shaya
Race: vampire
Age: about 1500 years
Height: 160 cm
Hair: black, very long
Eye colour: red, cat pupils
Personality: quiet, vampiric, likes to bite, seductive
Usual clothes: nothing or big gowns
Other: is married to Yvain

Then its the boys turn:

First: Sajore

He has his own wiki, dedicated all to him and Xir'ag.
He's my favourite and kind of my alter ego...
Sajore and Xirag fanclub
Name: Sajore
Race: Vampire
Age: about 3000 years
Height: 180 cm
Hair: black, long
Eye colour: Orange
Personality: annoying, bad tempered, black sense of humor, horny, brave, loyal as hell when he cares about someone
Usual clothes: Black leather, pants and jacket, no shirt
Other: Shaya's big brother. Xir'ag's soulmate and lover. He has a splitted personality. The other persona in him is the Demon called Armaros. Armaros breaks out when he is really angry/hungry/horny (<img50*0:>)
anatomystudy Sajore


Xir'ag is Sajore's lover, soulmate and a drow wizard.
Sajore and Xirag fanclub
Name: Xir'ag
Race: Drow
Age: about 70
Height: 157 cm
Hair: white, shoulder length
Eye colour: red
Personality: calm, considering, when needed very brave, has a kinky secret side
Usual clothes: wizard robe
anatomystudy Xir’ag


This thin guy is Salvador, a vampire-elf. He has vampire blood running in his veins so he must drink blood to survive, but unlike full-blooded vampires, he ages like elves, and his heart beats.
Name: Salvador
Race: vampire-elf
Age: 1035
Height: 186 cm
Hair: Black, long
Eye colour: red, cat pupils
Personality: quiet, many mental problems, shady
Usual clothes: brown leatherpants and a tunic
Other: Danayala's husband.


Muka is Salvador's big brother and also a vampire-elf. He is some hundreds of years older than salvador. While Salvador is more of a magic user, Muka is a fighter who relies on his sword more than magic, even when he knows a spell or two.
Name: Muka (Mukarah)
Race: vampire-elf
Age: about 1290
Height: 185 cm
Hair: Black, short, spiky, mostly on a ponytail.
Eye colour: red, cat pupils
Personality: quiet, serious, thinks things trough (more than Salvador)
Usual clothes: grey loose pants. sometimes tunic/shirt. always carries his sword.
Other: had a lover who died in an ambush. is now waiting to meet Athela (hehee ^__^). Is missing the ring finger of his right hand.


This is a fire spirit named Yvain. He was born as a human, but died and was reborn as a Firespirit
Name: Yvain
Race: fire spirit
Age: aproximitely 500 years
Height: 196 cm
Hair: red/orange
Eye colour: green
Personality: happy, helpful, nice, kind, too trusting, serious and calm
Usual clothes: red cloak and pants
Other: Shaya's husband, future lover (with his wife Shaya) of a demon called Zardra
anatomystudy Yvain


This is my little perverted demon called Zardra. He is a half incubus with some other mixed demon blood on him, but his father was a human, so he still has some humanic sides too.
Name: Zardra
Race: demon/incubus
Age: aproximitely 700 years
Height: 177,5 cm
Hair: black with red stripes
Eye colour: green
Personality: horny, perverted, kind, lovable, funny, shy in certain things, deep down a good guy
Usual clothes: he hates clothes!
Other: future lover of Yvain and Shaya. The love of his life is an evil dragonlord.

Let's switch into another story then shall we:


My new boy, my tSYS character. He is a vampire squirrel. A very sneaky little fellow who likes new things and adventures
Name: Jrimeq
Race: vampire squirrel (was born as a shapeshifter who could change into a squirrel and got bitten by a vampire)
Age: 45
Height: 173 cm
Hair: red, pinkish
Eye colour: blue
Personality: sneaky, funny, curious, sometimes irritating, when gets attached, very loyal
Usual clothes: clothes... what are those? XD ... tail


I was so inspired by y!gallery artists LaraYokoshima’s and Azelyn’s art that I wanted to create my own doggyboy ^^;
So I made a little puppy called Twip. He is Chinese crested.
He has a master, a hitman who is called Jack. little Twip is his helper and companion... he is really tiny... ^_^
Name: Twip
Race: a dog/anthro: chinese crested
Age: 15 (they live as long as humans do, so he’s a teenager...)
Height: 145 cm
Hair: silvery bluish
Eye colour: blue
Personality: shy, loyal, happy, loving, caring, brave
Usual clothes: dogs dont wear clothes!


Jack is Twip's master, the man who was sent to kill his former master (and him) but who felt pity for the little dog (Twip was in his dog form when Jack first saw him) and took him home. After a shoch awakening the next morning and finding a little furry boy next to him, they have grown closer... ^_^
Name: Jack (his real name is Kaitsu Mäkinen but he doesnt let anyone know that... ecxept for Twip who he trusts completely)
Race: human
Age: 28
Height: 185 cm
Hair: dark, reddish
Eye colour: green
Personality: quiet
Usual clothes: jeans and t-shirts, sometimes suits, something to make him "invisible"
Occupation: a hitman

a little sketch I made to show their height differences ^^

all the boys, new and old ^__^
Salvador, Muka, Sajore, Xir'ag, Yvain and Zardra ^____^
*luffs them all to bits*

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