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Welcome once again to the Black Arrow Tavern my friend, where the food is rich and drinks are plenty. Yet mind you, tis not a place to leave your purse lying about, and be wary of the goblins that haunt below and you'll be fine. Yet if yer looking for tales of adventures and treasures far off, than you've found the right place. Yes it has been a while, and there have been changes, but the dust is being cleaned off and the chairs straightened so if you need a place to stay for the night, here it might be

We offer the finest collection of drinks in elftown, as well as the the most excellent meat dishes. So pull up a stool or find a table and make yer self at home. If you are planning to stay a while there are plenty of rooms to choose from. Each with warm beds and a nice fires. Breakfast is at 11 and the bar never closes.

the rules
Now all we ask is you pay yer bill, and keep your squables at the door. There will be none of that here now. Also keep yer filthy mutts off the wenches or you might end up with an arrow to the back...we tend to keep an eye on our own here.

Also we have new openings and changes here at black arrow tavern:characters. So if your interested at playing more indepth roles- here is the place to go.

staff on duty:

[travs the bean] the barkeep;
[Igorina]aka Jynx
So feel free to ask for anything.

the drinks
Ale........................2 copper
Mead.....................1 copper
Eldenberry.............1 silver
Rock Ale.................1 copper, 1 silver
Black Root Ale.........2 copper
Fire Water...............3 copper
Goldberry Wine........1 gold
Brandy Wine............3 silver (sort of rare)

Todays Special: all you can eat
Roast Mutton, Bread, and Roasted Vegtebles 2 silver

Rooms per night
the floor.............1 copper
common room.....3 copper
room 2 beds........5 copper 1 silver
private room........3 silver

to the other rooms of the tavern
Black Arrow Tavern:Upstairs the 1st floor Map is done!
Black Arrow Tavern: 2nd Floor 2nd floor is done

important: this story is played through out many rooms- things happen in other places at the same time as in the inn and if you are not in the room you miss out on the adventure or danger:) so as more rooms open up we would encourage you to keep to story or stories going- because it all does not happen on the main floor:)

working on the cellar- which leads to the sewers(coming)

the map of the main floor
this will help you get around the inn- working on the second level and maybe the third as well- be patient
Legend to come...
all the tables are drawn without chairs- sorry- time issues:) and the storage room is off limits;) as well as the kitchen for the most part cause [Rennie] will prob beat you down like an old rug if she catches you there

if you need to buy stuff and gear for that next adventure or get a potion or two go here- i hear [Kileaiya] might be hiring once she gets her store in order:)
black arrow tavern:warehouse

character: who's who
black arrow: character sheet
come to the inn and you can create your own character- mind you as it grows more occupations will open up:) - than post your character here
black arrow tavern:characters

If you want to advertize the tavern here's the small graphic and the link.
black arrow tavern

**** i've been asked if anyone can join- the answer is always yes- just roleplay smart- a lot of people are not fans of the super warrior- or character that has it all- it makes things unrealistic- the tavern is in the poorer section of town- the main hall is open to all- get a room and that's were the adventure begins- just keep it clean.

we'll come up with a smart roleplay guide in a bit- but until then have a drink if you have the coin

Travs the bean

Black Arrow Tavern:Outside



we will delete a post if you break character- use the mail system to chat- not here- do not break character

god like powers and magic
If you want to be the most powerful kid on the block than this wiki is not for you- we will get rid of those and delete those post that we find fit this.We are looking for fun, realistic play, where you use your wits rather than your powers.... SO leave them at the door- Magis is allowed but in the inn it is greatly reduced and it will have damaging effects at time- (i am a big fan of friendly fire)

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2009-04-27 [Yuriona]: *Ranewen tentatively pushed the door to the tavern open and peeked inside. She had been passing by on the way to her own shop when she had noticed that there seemed to be life within the inn after the place had stood empty for so long.*

"Hello," she said, moving inside as she spied the bartender, "I thought that there was something different about this place." She glanced around the room.

"It would seem you have your work to cut out for you," she remarked, "My business has been very slow of late as well. I can assist with the cleanup if you so wish it." She gave the young woman there a polite nod as well.

2009-04-27 [travs the bean]: "well as you can see there is much to be done, and though neglected and broken down this place is still salvageable, so i would guess my dear it how much you would like to put into it." The barkeep smiled and tossed the young lady a mop and a bucket. "Though I think this place will be busy again once we get things all cleaned up."

2009-04-27 [Yuriona]: *Ranewen easily caught the mop and bucket, giving the barkeep a quick grin as she did so*

"Then the sooner the cleanup is finished, the sooner I may enjoy some tea," she answered. She filled the bucket with hot water that had been steaming over the fire and quickly set to work.

2009-04-27 [Thaylian]: *Thay smiles warmly and starts to rearrange the main hall, looking up at the walls and tisking softly. She runs home and comes back with her arms laden with repair suppiles. She starts to scrub the walls, patching weak spots with a practiced hand. She hums a slow, soft song to herself, loosing herself in her work.*

2009-04-28 [Igorina]: A smoker's low cough comes from the open tavern door. A skinny albeit rather short shadow is standing there with one arm leaning against the door wreathed in a plume of foul smelling smoke. " Ye gods, this place is a dump, " says a husky female voice. " I want to complain to the barkeep..." The shadow moves and the rather haggard looking face of Jynx comes into the light. The halfling strolls into the tavern, chewing the end of her cigar. She removes it and glances around. She looks a great deal thinner, ragged and hollow eyed and has more gray hairs than a halfling her age ought to have but as her eyes alight on Travs, a slight smile comes to her face. " H'lo old fellow..." she says quietly. " Sorry I've been gone..."

2009-04-28 [travs the bean]: "i take it you want your job back?" the barkeep spoke" very well, you can start with the storage room, most of it will have to be tossed and such, which means we are going to have order new supplies."

2009-04-28 [Igorina]: Jynx grinds out her cigar on the fireplace stones and grins. " Travs don't be so sentimental. I might cry, " she says and rolls up her sleeves and heads off to the storage room. There's a few minutes filled with rummaging noises, a crack of something being broken open and a hoot of disgust. " UGH! How long has this barrel of pickled herring been sitting here in the corner?!? " Jynx calls from the room.

2009-04-28 [Yuriona]: *Ranewen looked up as a third person entered the tavern. She gave a slight smile even as she righted a chair and continued her mopping.*

"It is reassuring to see some things remain the same," she murmured, "as if to spite the passage of time itself."

2009-04-28 [Thaylian]: *Thay checks her patch work and smiles* Some of us have not but time. Others... *She trails off, looking slightly troubled as she pulls out a pale of white wash to conceal the plaster. It isn't until this point that Thay notices her appearance, shrugging to herself* Some of us just take note of such things for reasons of our own. *She softly sings in elvish*

2009-04-29 [Igorina]: In the storage room Jynx hauls another bag of sprouting seed over by the door and then stops. She cranes her head out the door to see that no one is nearby and then crosses over to a corner of the room. One of her arms has been bandaged up, a nasty and infected looking mess. As she unrolls it, however, it soon turns out that infection and blood was mostly artfully applied theater paint over an old wound, making it look worse than it actually was. She slips a small pendant out of the bandages, an old and plain looking thing on the end of a frayed leather thong. She wipes it off and removes a small brick from the wall, an old hidey-hole. " I went through hell to get you, handsome, " she whispers to the pendant. " You'll be safe a little while. " She places it in the hidey hole, moves a few barrels and boxes around until she is satisfied and continues working.

2009-04-29 [travs the bean]: ** the barkeep said little, as the others worked. He kept to himself as if scarred by old wounds, reflecting on past moments, while dropping another load of dishes into the sink**

2009-05-03 [Thaylian]: *Thay makes quick work of white washing the entry way, moving into the kitchen. She stops behind the bar keep and tilts her head slightly, face smudged with a bit of white.* I've done with the vestibule. Would you like help in here?

2009-05-04 [travs the bean]: we'll need to get the rooms done upstairs first, i can handle the kitchen- maybe the halfling needs help in the storage rooms

2009-05-04 [Yuriona]: *Ranewen quietly worked at her job, beginning to hum softly a harmony to Thay's quiet song. She sighed as she finished, giving a quick nod of satisfaction turned to clean up any stray drops of white wash that had managed to find their way to the floor.
She stood silently listening to the barkeep and Thay or a moment before taking the dirty water out back and dumping it. She quickly refilled her pail with hot water and without a word, went up the stairs to begin working on the upper floors.*

2009-05-07 [Thaylian]: *Thay nods and heads up stairs, looking up at the ceiling and shaking her head. She goes to the nearest window and climbs out and up to the roof. She sees that the roof needs bolstering and decides to help with the rooms before playing with tar and tack paper. She swings herself back in through the window and retrieves her own cleaning supplies and taking a room*

2009-05-12 [travs the bean]: **the barkeep mumbled to himself, and tossed another set of pots into the big bin of soapy water. It took a bit, to work his way through it, but the work went quick. He was thankful for the help as the inn seemed to slowly look like it had in all of it's glory.

When the last of the dishes were done, he grabbed a mop, and cursed about the halfling prob falling asleep in the storeroom. HE decided he would go wake her up later as he drug the dirty mop across the stone floor. Soon the inn would be ready to open.

2009-08-07 [Thaylian]: *Thay goes from room to room then takes a bunch of shingles, tar and roofing paper to the roof, singing to the winds and repairing the bad spots*

2011-03-23 [Akayume]: ....Hello?

2011-05-07 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Yes...?

2011-05-07 [Akayume]: *tumble weed*

2011-05-16 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::catches it::

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